Shiloh 2022 Day 3
Morning Hour of Visitation
8th December 2022
Minister: PST. Faith Oyedepo


God has a covenant of FRUITFULNESS with His children.
Gen 1:28
Fruitfulness is not reserved for a few people. Deut 7:14
What is a covenant?
The covenant is a sworn verdict, that we must engage with to see it come to pass.

Things to note about the covenant:

• Fruitfulness is our heritage. Ps 127:3-5, acts 20:32 It is part of our inheritance in Christ Jesus therefore we must refuse to be robbed by the enemy.

• Fruitfulness is part of our reward for service. Ex 23:25-26 God is not a robber. 2 kgs 4:1-4, Lk 1:21, Gen 18:7-13

• We must make demands for our heritage. James 4:2, 1 sam 1:27, matt 7:7-8 We don’t wait to be fruitful, we activate our Fruitfulness right in Christ. matt 11:12, mk 11:23-24 Stop watching barrenness, confront it. Isaac Gen 25:21-25, judges 13:6-7

• We must believe against all medical odds. Heb 11:11, mk 9:23, heb 11:6 Faith is our access to a world of unlimited possibilities. Faith is not a pill we take but a muscles we work.

• Ignore negative reports. Isa 53:1

• Remain at peace with God and yourself. Ex 14:14 Our God is a God of peace, so give no room to anxiety. Ps 47;10 Our peace will determine the pace of our testimonies.
• Shown every form of offence.
• Rejoice always. Phil 4:3-4, 1 sam 1:18

Fruitfulness is not limited to child bearing, Fruitfulness is ordained for every department of our lives.
The principle of Fruitfulness is the same across board.


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