The blunt and simple truth about making FAST money through blogging is about to be revealed to you today 😁

And no, you don’t make money from people’s mobile Data, you make money from the Advertisements being served on your website.

Ok, let me break this to layman’s terms to you.

I shall cover these in 3 Sub Headings and wrap it up with a simple way to do everything in less than 3days without lifting a finger so you too can start earning like us for real.

1. The Niche
2. The Monetization
3. The Traffic

Once you Create or have a blog, you have to choose a niche, say, Tech, Entertainment, Education etc..

Depending on the niche you choose that’s howfar you attract many viewership.

If you offer more of what a lot of people need you shall sure get lots of viewers, right?

Now, it’s not about Just offering these things, because there are a lot of bigger blogs before you, we call them authority blogs,

Authority blogs are blogs that comes to mind immediately you seek something, say you want to download a music or movie Waploaded comes to mind immediately.

We are going to be setting up a niche for you with lesser authorities and ease to attract huge traffic.

Now that you have a niche, and have started writing articles on that blog,

Oh! Yes, I remember, you need Articles (Blog posts)

You have to learn how to write plagiarism-free articles, meaning, the articles should be original and not copied from other blogs.

This is very important because if Not, Google won’t find your blog worthy to be approved for MONETIZATION (Google Adsense)

And hiring Writers cost as high as N3,000 – 5,000 per awesome articles and you have to be wise enough to know these guys aren’t just spinning the articles using tools or using AI to write it while they pocket your money 😁

And before you apply for Adsense, you need to have about 15 – 40 articles,

According to my friends from Monetizemore (A Google Partner), I was told that 40+ does the magic.

So, if you can’t write, expect to spend N3,000 x 40 = 120,000 naira on articles before you think of monetization or spend weeks learning article writing and then do it yourself 🙏.

Traffic is what distinguishes a rich blogger from a poor one.

Imagine if 10 people visits your blog and you earn $1 what do you think will happen when 1,000 people visit it?


Money go flow yafun yafun naaa

So, you need traffic and lots of it,

Traffic that’s targeted towards a high paying niche on your blog.



There may be a few that might come with a little addition to what I have just said, but all those are Formalities

Remember the word “Fast” from the second paragraph above?

We are here for the money right?

We are just setting up a blog as a side hustle and make an ROI of say 3x – 10x over time.


After studying the fastest route to this Fast lane blogging,

I have come to realize that people who buys courses are stuck at creation of blogs themselves, setting up WordPress, Writing articles and getting guides for monetization.

Even if you could watch videos to setup blogs, will videos help you write articles and fast? No!

Hence, I and my team of writers and web developer, came together and decided to help people who are passionate about blogging but are held back by hurdles mentioned above.

Here is what we plan to do for you at way less than 5% the prices below:

1. Research, Buy a domain + Hosting (1 year) for you + Mod security setup + WordPress installation: $35 + $15 (N40,000)

Note: Number 1 above has to be paid in dollars, Naira card’s limit CAN NOT pay it. We would help you pay it easily with our USD payment methods.

2. Craft a Niche that has influx of traffic and easy to rank + Install matching WordPress themes and setup that tells the story of the Blog: N100,000

3. Install premium plugins to rotate evergreen posts to become fresh. This will make you not to spend any more money on new articles again as the plugin will rotate all posts daily for you. We shall give you Lifetime access to this wonderful plugin (we have 100 slots we purchased at a discount of over $599 with original price $8,999). N80,000

4. We shall install a code that will interact with your Google search console to enable search engine not only crawl but easily trust your posts and ranks you higher.

Note, we will show you how to add a Google Developer email to grant this access of quick pinging.

5. Our best writers shall Deliver 40 Articles for you. Plagiarism-free articles, articles that it’s keywords were researched to enable it rank easily. The articles are written according to the new Google Helpful content guidelines. N120,000

6. We shall give you access to a WhatsApp group to ask any questions and interact with co-students. In this WhatsApp groups we give live feeds of our setups for each participants Unlimited Pricing.

7. Access to another WhatsApp group to buy trust worthy Verified Adsense with/without domain. Where your already setup website will be connected so you can start making money when people arrive your website. Unlimited Price tag

8. One your blog is setup, we will teach you how to send massive Cheap traffic to your website. Traffic that costs less than what you imagine, a strategy where they users will be very active to click on ads because of what they saw earlier. Unlimited Pricing.

9. CPC (Cost per click) may be your issue, so this Peer to peer site will boost it for you. So that when 1 person clicks on ads you can make up to $1 (800 naira). Unlimited pricing

The above process can be simply summarized as;

Stay in the comfort of your house, hold us accountable as we setup a money blog for you, teach you how to run ads and give you advice on monetization strategies.

How cool?

For how much you asked?

For Paltry N200,000 (Original price from tomorrow is N300,000)

– you own a blog
– you have your Cpanel (Control panel)
– Face your busy schedules we set it up
– You are taught how to send massive traffic
– You are guided to buy a good Adsense account.
– You have guaranteed mentorship from me.

See eehnn, last week when I opened the BMC 1.0,

same program I am opening tonight which closes in 3days,

Under 5 days we had 40+ students, I literally shut the door on new intakes 😂, we wanted just 20 max, but the pump was too much to handle

Now the 2.0 is here and we need just 10 people.

To join, chat me up on WhatsApp at 07066784204.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying immediately you start, you shall begin to earn thousands of dollars oo.

But, with the knowledge, you can earn unlimited thousands and with my mentorship and guide success is guaranteed because,

I have over 8 accounts actively earning while some are just grooming and processing, if I can do 8, you can do 1 naa.

Join us! Take that leap today.
See you inside.

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