Dr Chy attended Nelly’s Fair.

She is a medical doctor, but surprisingly, she is one of the biggest Instagram hair vendors, popularly known as Priceless Hair.

Me sef I was shocked that such a powerful hair vendor with over 400k Instagram followers who dances and sells like mad, yet is a medical doctor.

She holds massive hair fairs accross various locations in Nigeria. Women turn up in thousands to buy from her.

I have seen videos of pushing crowd, pouring in to buy hair from Dr Chy of Priceless.

She said something I will never forget in a hurry.

She said that at her Fairs, women come to ask of hair which she posted on her Instagram page.

When they come, they show her the post where she advertised the hair; asking to be given that particular one.

The women walk up to her, hand her their phone and say, “See this hair, I want it”.

She said she has never seen anyone who handed her phone to her, asking of any hair and liked that post.

Everyone that ever brought her a post to ask of the hair, didn’t click the like button on that post.


Can you imagine?

They are seeing the hair.
They like it.
But will not click the like button.
Yet, they will come and buy it.

So, why exactly are you worried that your post has 2 likes?

500 people saw it. Just keep that in mind and keep posting.

Dr Chy says to tell you to keep posting, keep showing up, they are seeing it.

Don’t focus too much on the likes.

Focus on the sales that comes with your consistency.

I love you!


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