There was a time in my life I was not finding peace from anyone and from anywhere.

There was war and battles everywhere I turn.

I was actually down and depressed.

There was no one to confide in, for fear of been mocked.

I kept acting up, just to encourage those who look up to me.

But 3 things kept me going.

1. My Relationship with God and the fact that I am in the will of God.

2. My wife and kids don’t ask what I can’t offer. They have a way of loving me for free and not for a fee. ( Never undermine the power of a peaceful home in your worst season in life) you cant be fighting battles outside and be fighting battles at home also.

When you hear that couples with so much Bible knowledge divorced, don’t rush to attack them. Because you can’t study the Bible in a hostile environment. Safety first.

3. I kept focusing on the THINGS THAT REMAIN THAT ARE READY TO DIE. BELIEVING GOD THAT THOSE THINGS WONT DIE. And as God would have it, those things did not die.

Let me encourage you my dear reader.

Be strong, it won’t be long, this phase shall also pass away.

Focus on your leftover and not on your loses.

You will come out better and stronger.

Be blessed.

Irabor wisdom
Presiding Bishop Answers Assembly Warri Delta State.

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