The Bible says in John 1:17

_For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ (KJV)_.

My interest is in the second part of the above scripture which says: _”Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ.”_ This tells us that, grace can’t be preached and taught in isolation, nor can the truth be preached or taught without grace.

To be able to teach the Truth, there must be grace available. But also, the grace cannot be properly understood without knowing the truth, hence, there must be a balance, the balancing of the message of grace with truth else we would lead the people of God astray and cause them to ignorantly work against God.

The grace message without the accurate understanding of the truth will lead, not to freedom, but to bondage again. Grace and truth is what people need.

Grace saves, but it is only the truth that establishes. Grace doesn’t establish, it’s the truth that establishes. That’s why it is important that, after being saved by grace that we desire sincerely to know and grow in the knowledge of the truth. Until this happens, the grace that was found could be lost again.

Grace saves, but truth establishes. Then as the truth establishes and one continues to grow in the truth, grace continues to be multiplied, that’s why the Bible says in 2 Peter 1:2 KJV:

_Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord._

The Lord Jesus is the Truth. He said, _”I am the way, *the Truth, and the life.”_ The knowledge of truth is the knowledge of the person of Christ.

God’s favour made available to man is what is called grace; His divine ability made available to man kind is grace. The reason it is called grace is because because man does not deserve it, but God decided to show His loving kindness towards man by making all that is in Him available to man.

So, God made His love, His life, His righteousness, His peace, His divine ability, etc all available to man – this is what is called grace. It is for this reason that the people of God must be helped to properly understand this truth in order to be established and have these graces multiplied in their lives.

They need to understand the righteousness of God in all truth; they need to understand the love of God in all its length, breadth, and depth; they need to understand the mercy and favour of God; they need to understand His divine power at work in us; and it is only by knowing Christ that they can properly know and understand all these.

Grace and Truth came by Jesus, not grace alone, but grace and truth.

The truth is His person, while grace is His blessings to us. But the blessings was put first in the above scripture, this is not so that we should focus on the blessings first, but it’s so that we would know that He came with blessings, and to unlock the blessings, we must know the truth. Salvation is God’s blessing through Christ, but it’s the first stage of the blessing, and the only access to all the manifolds blessings of God which we enjoy only as we grow in the knowledge of the truth.

_Pastor Abraham David_

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