Yesterday was so busy for me because we still need to be in church in the evening.

We returned after service, we prayed and I retreated into my room to take care of few more work on my system.

The Holyghost whispered to my spirit to check my phone, I saw few missed calls and some more messages, read all of them and return the text.

I sensed an urgency in my spirit to take my phone again but this time, the missed calls, there is a particular number my eyes couldn’t escape.

Call him now, call him now kept screaming from the spirit end echoing mightily to my heart and ears.

It rang for few minutes, I called for about 5times then a teary voice picked the call, he said why did you stop me.

Prophet, why did you stop me?
You shouldn’t have stopped me prophet, let me die and go to my creator and asked him why he made me suffered this much.

He had already went to where he would commit suicide, he gave up on life.

Holy spirit divine, I was lost of words, the word the Lord spoke to me in the morning while gving thanks for our wedding anniversary was the only thing I told him, God is with you right there.

While talking to him, in my spirit, I was charging the angels to rescue him from that place.

Some people saw him speaking alone in the place and came there, they took him home.

The anniversary ended with a greater testimony, a life was saved.

Don’t kill yourself, NO ONE HAS IT ALL.

The spirit still speaks, only the sheep hears.

He called this morning to say he doesn’t know God loves him so much to send His prophet and angels to rescue him last night.

He told me he didn’t call me yesterday, he said it was in June he last called me to pray with him.

That’s God mercy at work.

I told him, God is truly with you.

From Revd Bayode post this morning, I saw a quote from David Oyedepo ‘you said you want to die because things are not working. Is it when you are dead that things will now work?”
Hope is for the living.

Every stubborn situation becomes your greatest testimony in the name of Jesus.

Don’t kill yourself, it’s God investment.

A.T Joel.

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