I got into a town for a meeting very late some years ago, from the motor park a motorbike took me to the nearest hotel.

As I was stepping down the Lord told me don’t sleep here.

I looked at my wristwatch it was some minutes to 11pm, I said Lord please let me sleep here.

I walked into the reception, the Lord said son don’t sleep here.

I paid for the room and was ushered in, as I knelt down to pray in disobedience, I saw darkness everywhere.

The Lord told me again you’re being disobedient.

Till day break, I couldn’t sleep, if I try to close my eyes, it’s either I see something about to fall or a demon playing around.

I bind and loose yet the taunting continued, the Lord told me, these demons are not powerful than you but disobedience sold you out to them.

I just sat down throughout the night and as early as 6.30am, I checked out.

It was the longest frustrating night I have experienced in ministry because of disobedience.

God hates disobedience, flee from it.

You can’t enjoy God beyond your obedience level.

Receive the grace to walk in obedience this week in the name of Jesus.

A.T Joel.

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