Dunamis Sermons: THE WAY OF GOD’S POWER (2&3) By: Dr Paul Enenche

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By: Dr Paul Enenche

SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the way into God’s power or the secrets of God’s power

We live in a world today where the power of God is a critical necessity for survival
It takes power to overcome satanic wickedness, sustain motion, to move and keep on moving, so that your destiny is note arrested
It takes power to fulfil destiny.

1. The Power of God is not a luxury but a vital necessity in the life of a child of God

2. The Power of God does not belong to some super spiritual people; the Power of God belongs to the people of God (Acts 1:8)

5. Desperate desire for God’s Power (Ps. 63:1-2; Philip. 3:10-12)
If you must see power there must be a desperate longing
5a. The refusal to exist in powerlessness
5b. The decision to have and be all that God has in store for our lives

6. The lifestyle of prayer (Gen. 32:24-28; Acts 4:31-33; Luke 3:21-22; Jam. 5:16-18; Acts 3:1)
6a. People of prayer are people of power
6b. If you know prayer you will know prayer
6c. Where there is no prayer there is no power

7. Light from the Word (Eccl. 8:4; Luke 4:32, 36; 1 Thess. 1:5; Heb. 1:3; John 1:1-5; Luke 10:16)
The Word of God carries the pregnancy of Power (Eccl. 8:4; Luke 4:32; 36)
7a. Access to fresh Word equals access to fresh Power (1Thess. 1:5; Heb. 1:3)
7b. Jesus Christ is Word personified so He is Power personified (John 1:1-5)
7c. The depth of your Word will determine your strength in Power
Every time you shift up in Word you shift up in Power.
Your prayer struggles begin to reduce when your word insight begins to increase
If the devil can’t say no to God he can’t say no to you; God’s Voice is in your voice so instead of him hearing you he hears God (Luke 10:16)

8. The lifestyle of humility (death to self) (Matt. 6:8-13; Isa. 42:8; John 3:30; Isa. 14:12-18; Ezek. 26:21; Acts 4:33; 12:23)
The Power and the Glory belong to God; If God will not get the Glory, He will not release the Power
If God’s Power must increase in your life, you must decrease in yourself (John 3:30)
Humility brings grace and power while pride deletes grace and power
No matter how high God takes you, always remember that you are still a man and without God you can do nothing

9. The determination to give it what it takes (Phil. 3:10-12; Hos. 6:3)
To arrive at the place of power you must apply pressure in the spirit; there is no rise without a price
9a. The determination to go all the way with God
9b. The determination to hold nothing back in the pursuit of God’s best for your life
9c. The determination to lay it all on the altar

10. The lifestyle of fasting (Isa. 40:31; 58:6, 8; Matt. 17:21; Luke 4:14; 2 Cor. 11:25-27)
The door of power bows to the key of fasting
In the Old Testament, we see two symbols of power – Moses and Elijah; these two fasted like one drinks water
In the New Testament, we see two other symbols of power – Our Master Jesus (Luke 4:14) and Paul the Apostle (2 Cor. 11:25-27); these two also fasted immensely
10a. Fasting amplifies spiritual hunger, passion and desire
Fasting focuses your faith to produce drastically
At such times, faith is at its peak and doubt/fear is zero
10b. Fasting releases the spirit
Fasting empowers and emphasizes the spirit of man
10c. Fasting intensifies spiritual sensitivity
In seasons of fasting, you are heard easily and you are permitted to be heard easily – by God and even by devils
Counsel: Fast revelationally not religiously (Isa. 58:8)
Once there is a prayer burden, there is either something good God wants to do that He wants you to pray in or there is something bad the devil wants to do that God wants you to pray out; in the same manner that there can be a call to pray there can also be a call to fast; don’t ignore it!
Many times, there is something to gain when you forfeit eating

11. Faith in the heart (Acts 6:8; 2 Thess. 1:11; Deut. 8:18; Mark 5:25-29)
11a. The availability of faith is the availability of power (Acts 6:8)
You cannot be full of faith and be empty of power
11b. The work of faith is manifested in power (2 Thess. 1:11; Deut. 8:18)
It takes power to conquer resources (Deut. 8:18)
11c. Faith is always the switch of power (Mark 5:25-29)
Faith is understanding the Word of God enough to believe it, behave it and declare it; when God sees your faith, He moves to confirm it
God is watching your behaviour to confirm your availability of faith before He steps in
The project of God is inside the budget of God

12. The lifestyle of uprightness (Prov. 28:1; Isa. 59:1-2; Ps. 63:2)
12a. Uprightness is the bedrock of boldness (Prov. 28:1)
12b. Uprightness attracts the Presence of God (Isa. 59:1-2)
12c. Uprightness is the door of glory and glory is the twin of power (Ex. 15:11; Ps. 63:2)

If you want God to make the deposit, you must meet the demands.
Whatever you want in God is possible but you must be willing to pay the price; I would be lying if I said the price was easy but what most do you want out of life? – Kathryn Kuhlman

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I come before You today, I surrender myself and ask for forgiveness of my sins; in any way I have tried to look down on Your glory, have mercy Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, open my eyes to see from Your Word, help me to see light from Your Word that will make me to break forth into the realms of Power, help me to see light from Your Word Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I make demands on the fresh baptism of the Spirit of Prayer. I ask for fresh Prayer Fire; I receive it now Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I make demands for a new level of Supernatural Power. I refuse every trace of weakness and powerlessness. I make demands for a new dimension of Your Power for my life and loved ones, a new dimension in my life to be a blessing to my generation. I make demands for a new mantle of Power Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we ask that in Your power You will give Nigeria a drastic intervention. Visit Nigeria
in Your power like You visited Israel and brought them out of captivity. Visit Nigeria, Oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Oh Lord, I receive help to do Your will and live for You. I receive help to fulfil Your purpose today. I receive that help now!

Father, I receive Your Power to manifest in my generation Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I ask for fresh Light from the Word and a fresh release of faith; I receive it now Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I make demands for fresh passion and discipline in prayer and fasting; I receive it Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, wherever You may lead I will go, to see Your power and glory in the land of the living; help me to be able to meet the demands and pay the price to see Your best in the land of the living; I receive that grace Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, lead Nigeria into the centre of Your power and glory in this season; we cannot miss it this time Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

– The release of the Blessing of God upon what is in your hands
– The power to function
– You will get a call, email or text message that will change your life
– The same power and anointing of God at work in Dunamis is released on what you are holding!
– Everything you are expecting, they are released!
– Any man or woman sitting on your testimony shall lose, their sleep, peace and rest until you get what is yours!
– Whatever document that is due, that anybody is sitting on, they shall lose their sleep, peace and rest until they are released!
– The angels of this commission are sent out to deliver your testimonies; under the next 24 – 72 hours they are released!
– Women trusting for the fruit of the womb receive it and singles trusting God for marriage, receive your wedding gowns and rings; students trusting God for academic excellence, receive yours in Jesus’ Name!

– You owe the devil nothing and no devil shall exert upon you!
– A change is coming your way!
– Everything the devil said in your life is a concluded chapter, today that chapter is opened now!
– Every stranger in your life is going now!
– I declare the burial of wickedness and bandits in our nation!
– Every cage where the devil has kept you, I declare that cage set on fire and you are out!
– In the name of Jesus, Nigeria is arising and shining!
– Every demonic python responsible for disaster in your family, we declare they are set on fire!

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