I once met a man who said he has been drinking for the past 15 years of his marriage but his teenage sons have never ever seen him drinking before, they don’t even know he drinks alcohol.

I hugged him first, because even though he was heading on to the path of self destruction, he was discipline enough to protect the destiny of his children.

Do you remember in John 5:19 when Jesus said, in paraphrase, “I can do nothing on my own, but only that which I see my Father do, as He does, I do also.”

Do you remember?

I was studying this word one day looking for a covenant word for my son when God spoke to me.

He said why have we been reading this very scripture the exact same way and getting the exact same obvious interpretation that Jesus was only making reference to His Father in heaven Elohim? How about His father on earth, Joseph? Wasn’t Jesus doing the things he saw daddy Joe and his wife Mary doing around the house?

Joseph could communicate face to face with Angels. They were not strangers to the angelic, they could host Angels in their home bringing new messages from God to them every now and then.

You think Angels stopped visiting the couple with instructions after Herod died? Angels never stopped coming to give Joseph instructions on how to nature his son Jesus into His purpose. And all the while Jesus was watching and learning. So the protocol of the Angelic realm on the earth wasn’t strange to Him because it was a regular practice in the house.

Bible says Jesus will separate Himself and pray alone at night for hours. Where in the Bible was this mentioned that the Hosts of heaven separate themselves to pray alone in heaven? Where?

Separation in prayer was a regular custom of his parents. Jesus started learning the world’s system of moving away from the crowd to be alone with God because He saw His father do it.

To host the Angelic realm in your home you must have to be a man and woman of prayer through separation.

Jesus saw his parents praying for people and they were healed, that was how He learnt the world’s system of healing because in the realm where He is coming from there are no sick people there.

I could go on and on but it will be too much for you to read.

Do you remember when God said “before I formed you, I knew you?”

The question is, where were your children before they entered into your womb that God knew them? Where did God meet them to know them before they officially met you in that labour room?

Your children where in the company of the divine, a place where they could interact with God and watch Him do amazing awesome things. So your duty as a parent is to model to them on earth the God that they already knew in heaven.

Halleluyah!!! Praise God.

Dear beautiful couple,
Model God for your children in the house.

Teach them how to pray and how frequently to pray by modeling a home of prayer. They will learn the world’s system of replicating God through you. This is how to keep them on fire.

It is the fire in you that they see.

It is the angelic realm you download from heaven that they emulate.

It is the life of fasting and prayer you have that they will grow to know.

It will be easier for them to perform miracles as they grow older because they are used to seeing dad open blind eyes.

Your job is easy, show your children the earthly ways of the God who they already knew.


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