How else do we want God to demonstrate to us what He expected of us. He gave us His only begotten Son, just to unleash on us His entire eternal package.

He gave HIS BEST to reconcile us to HIMSELF. There is no greater love than this to be called the children of God. 1 John 3:1-3
This is the deepest mystery that even satan can not explain or understand.

Each time I look at a believer who is holding back from God what HE GAVE TO him, I just laughed at such stupidity.

God gave you something, you now decide not to give it back to HIM.

What kind of a child does that?
Wicked, ungrateful, and stupid child.

I am not sorry for the harsh word.

Imagine how our earthly parent feels after spending part of what they have to raise us and we suddenly grow wings as soon as God began to bless us.

Some of them will even lay curse on such children but thank God, He wouldn’t curse us but He can decide to bless a gratefull unbelievers.

Let me tell you this, most unbelievers give more to the kingdom course than most believers.

Forgetful people are mostly ungrateful people, that is what some of us are doing.

If God gives you His ALL, don’t hesitate to give Him your lots.

Your giving is one way you show YOUR gratitude.

Give Him your whole life
Give Him your whole time
Give Him your whole hand
Give Him your whole heart
Give Him your being… He daily gives US HIMSELF(THE HOLY SPIRIT 24/7 MINISTRATION).

It is the will of God to give thanks in all things, 1 Thess 5:18.

Our redemption was done fully,
Our reconciliation was done fully, Jesus paid our debt fully while serve God partially.

To be a Christian is to be a GRATEFUL CHILD, show your gratitude in all things even in giving to the kingdom course.

A man once decided not to give to his local assembly because he was trying to prove a point, he knew his tithe alone was the only money powering that church.

He expected the pastor to come begging him or asking why he didn’t pay his tithe instead the pastor was praying that the Lord should bless every member of that church.

After 6months he approached the accounting officer, to ask about the church finance, to his surprise, he was told the church have never experience the kind of financial overflow than she is enjoying in the last 6 months(that he stopped dropping his tithe).
He asked how?, what happened? Who is as rich as him?

To his surprise, a 25year young man God healed decided to sell half of what his parent left for him, he gave the church N60million($167,000) and was giving a tithe of N500,000($1,390) to the church every month.

He was replaced the very moment he saw himself as somebody.

Ministering in that church some months a go, I was moved to tears when the pastor told me how God change the story of that assembly.

Each time you come before God, come with a grateful heart, a grateful hand(money).

We are grateful children of a GREAT GOD who gave us HIS ALL to rescue us from a disgraceful state.


AT Joel.

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