How can I obtain mercy from God?

Peradventure you’ve been to a crossroad in your life and the weight of your sins makes you feel as if God has neglected you, which then sprouts up the question in your heart “how can I obtain the mercy of God” I have a good news for you today that our God whom we serve is a merciful God Psalms 116:5.

He forgives iniquities, all you need to do is to humble yourself, acknowledge your sins, go to him in prayers and seek for forgiveness of sins then forsake your old ways. In as much as a sinner can agree to it that he or she has sinned then forgiveness for such is not far fetched. But a sinner who refuses to acknowledge his or her sin is difficult to help.

So how can one obtain God’s mercies

1. Be humble: God resists the proud James 4:6
In fact a proud person will not even see the need to go to God. So if you do not have the spirit of humility please ask God to bestow it upon you.

2. Be merciful unto others: How can you be wicked to other people and be the same person asking for mercy from God?? Matthew 5:7.

The condition stated in the above bible verse is the merciful shall obtain mercy. Because it is what you sow that you will reap.

If you withhold the blessings of others out of wickedness you’re simply closing the windows of your own blessings. So learn to do to others what you want them to do to you.

3. Ask: Yes, this is a blank cheque to every believer. Just ask, God has said in his word that ask and it shall be given to you.

In as much as you can make your request known to God, believe that he will do it, and he will definitely do it.

Let’s look at the story of the unjust judge whom Jesus taught his disciples as a parable: though the man does not fear God he couldn’t ignore the plea of the widow woman. Luke 18:2-8
If this could happen to someone who doesn’t fear God how much more our father in heaven who is a merciful God.

4. Forsake your old ways: if there is no sign of repentance in you by turning away from your old ways you cannot obtain the mercies of God.

Let’s read Luke 15:11-24
The man’s younger son had gone astray spending all his inheritance anyhow (this can be likened to a sinner living life anyhow without God in view). But read Luke 15:17-18 He came back to his senses and decided to go back to his father for forgiveness (repentance).

His father was joyful on seeing his son return, this is the same way God will be joyful to see a sinner return to him for forgiveness.

Did he not say he would rather leave the 99 and go in search of the 1 sheep that gets lost? Luke 15:4-7

Because this young man in Luke 15:20 left his old life to go back to his father, he obtained mercy and forgiveness.

The lord is merciful unto all who calls upon him, and never should you think that your sins are too big that God cannot forgive you.

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