(Photos) Deborah Enenche dragged for her ‘Worldly Vibe’ Celebrity Dressing style

This is actually becomimg a little controversial and seemingly unpleasant to the general public especially on social media. It is a common thing on sunday especially and other service days for Deborah-paul Enenche to snap pictures of her self during the service and upload it on facebook, she’s an heavy user of social media, she use it a lot, and that engages her followers well, which i am one of them, but lately something doesn’t seems right, this young lady been a Pastor’s daughter and a Music minister is already on the spot light and all eyes are on her but she really doesn’t give a damn about what people feel, think, or say about her or her dressing, of course she’s not revealing her body parts or dressing in a seductive way, but still to whom much s giving, much is expected, been the daughter of a fervent, fireful and dedicated Pastor, with such a huge crowd and followership across the world, it is expected of her to reflect good christian morals in her dressing sense. See below some of the recent pictures she uploaded on facebook;     Some people believe another side of her ministry is in the fashion industry, i don’t know if this is true or not, but the dresses she wore of recent as brought a lot of steering online, as many consider it “Worldly vibes” which is unworthy and not fit for a person of her calibre, the comment on her post on facebook was not nice at all, some people really pour out their heart in the comment session about her mode of dressing. See some of the comments below.   I agree with those people who believe, as a Pastor daughter, she needs to present herself and represent herself well, its one thing to be a Christian, its another thing to be a Pastor’s daughter, that office alone as expose you and make you a role model for so many people around the world, and the social media is the fastest route to the global world, what we post there tells the world a whole lot about us and what we stand to represent, saying it doesn’t mean or I don’t care will not help this matter at all, because charity begins from home, and as the church keep growing, the children of the PASTOR is considered a great example for many young people out there, I just really hope that she will change her way of dressing and appearance so that it won’t become too controversial and begin to affect the image of her Christianity, The Church and the family. What do you think about this? Let me hear from you at the comment session below.  

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