My first time experience at COZA ABUJA




“I went to a church in Abuja, Nigeria, nicknamed COZA and never in my life have I been treated with such excellence ever, no where in the world. Never have I ever seen or experienced such. The level of excellence blew my mind”. -Creflo Dollar at World Changers International Church.

“I went to possibly the greatest Church I have ever been to in my life in Abuja, Nigeria. I have been to thousands of churches but I have not seen a more significant and impactful Church like COZA Abuja.

They had the most electrifying worship atmosphere and I told myself this is what The Holy Ghost wants for us, He wants us to be world-class”. -Mike Murdock.


From what looked like a student’s fellowship in 1999 in the ancient city of Ilorin, Nigeria, God gave a mandate to reach out to people who were termed failures by the society and raise them to be leaders and world changers, a take over generation.

This was and still is the blueprint of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly.

A unique place where friends meet friends, and all meet Jesus, COZA adopted unconventional outreach methods and strategies to go into the world and reach the unchurched, empower them to live right, think like kings and to imbibe in them a no-no attitude towards mediocrity.

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