7 Things Students can do during this ASUU strike


The lingering strike has been an issue of concern to both students and parents as it makes student stay at home indefinitely and at the same time adding to the period of time students are to spend in school studying a particular course. But instead of staying at home whiling away time on unprofitable things, a few points will be listed below on how a student can maximize this period to add value to themselves.

1. Learn a new skill.

When the school was in session, many students complained of no time or insufficient time, but now they time is in abundance, you can learn new skills to equip yourself either for personal benefits or to prepare yourself for the business world.

2. Read books

Apart from reading because of a test or exam in view, you can read to gain more knowledge. Get an area of interest and dig dip in search for knowledge, you have enough time to read as many books as you wish.

3. Build on your already existing skills.

Many students already had a skill before the strike, but remember the world is not static, you can build on your already existing skills in order to remain relevant. That skill you already have might have been improved or worked upon beyond your current level, why not also try to upgrade yourself now that you have the time? You don’t need to relent your efforts because people love creative things so make your skills more attractive by building on them.


4. Volunteer

You can volunteer with a non governmental organization (NGO) or religious organizations where your skills can be needed and used to help humanity, it can also be an opportunity for you to learn a new skill. Reaching out to meet the needs of the society brings a sense of fulfilment to people, organizing seminars or programs to empower the youths can also bring a sense of fulfilment to you and of course you learn from it as well, you might learn from there how to address the public, it can also expose you to great opportunities like training, travelling etc.

5. Enroll for a professional certification course

Though the universities are closed, there are other avenues for learning, you can enroll for courses online, if you don’t have enough money, you can go for the cheap ones. The goal is to learn something new, and it can also be related to your field of study in the university, remember no knowledge is a waste. One way or the other, you might see a need for the knowledge acquired online.

6. Get a Job

Instead of staying at home and getting worried about when the school will reopen, why not get a job and make some money. Not all jobs requires certificate, you can look around for jobs you feel you can be able to fit in well to do what it requires. Also, you can get a job closer to your house to remove the aspect of spending money on transportation.

The knowledge and experience gathered from that job cannot be a waste, it will add up to your experience. Another easy aspect is looking for a job in your current field of study so that you don’t have too much difficulty in trying to learn about the job. Since it’s something you’re already learning about in school, it will also be an opportunity to learn more while you earn. Eventually you might be able to stand on your own based on the experiences gained.

For instance, a student of Agriculture, you can work in a farm, get paid but at the same time you are learning. When you leave such organization you would have gotten more knowledge than you had when you just joined them. And if you desire to start your own farm, the knowledge acquired from your work experience with them will definitely be useful as it will add up to what you already know.

7. Travel
Traveling to know new places, traveling to connect with new people, traveling to enjoy and see the beauty of nature, whichever one you choose, none is a bad idea. You can travel to explore the other cultures around you and see how the world looks like in other places. Though you might not have enough money for long trips, you can just travel within your vicinity or if you have a sponsor then it makes things easier. But don’t forget to keep in touch with the news in order to know when the strike is called off.

There are alot of things to do during this break to avoid sitting idle all day, remember the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Don’t leave your mind fallow for the devil to sow rubbish into it. Be on your toes to see things work around you, be willing to add more value to yourself rather than sit and wait idle for the strike to be called off. Don’t waste this time on irrelevant things, make it a season of your life to be remembered for all the good things you could get from the time spent at home.

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