How to use 10k to get 80gb data on MTN line

I hope all my followers know how to use 10k Naira to get 80GB data?

There is so much knowledge on the internet that you need to catapult yourself into greatness.

If you economize data, you might just be economizing knowledge and opportunities.

There are cheaper options, but I use the 10k option monthly.

Just dial *121# on an MTN phone and choose the second option.

I once tried the 15k option. I noticed it was too much. I couldn’t finish it in 30 days.

Please use this option to get cheap data for learning and doing amazing business online.

In this age and time, online learning is a MUST.

In this age and time, online business is another MUST.

Stop allowing the fear of data hold you back.

Find affordable data options, then rock your learning and business.

I love you!


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