After many years of searching and asking questions from men who have walked with God, I discovered the secret of power.

Almost everyone I spoke to told me the same thing.

I went further reading about men who have walked with God, I discovered the same thing.

I am sharing this little with you to confirm or enrich your wisdom base.

Every of the supernatural acts we have seen or read about are product of extreme faith in God.

The power of God is hidden in extreme faith in the word of God.

Abraham looked foolish before the men of his time when he claimed someone spoke to him to go to a land that lacked all form of civilization.

Noah building the ark looks mad before his generation, no one has ever seen rain before much more of it fallen. The rest of the message is there for you to judge.

Moses claiming to hear a voice spoke to him in a burning bush sound psychic.

Imagine that you are the one standing before the red sea and the on-rushing Egyptians army.

Imagine you’re the one given the evil forest in Efon Alaye as the land to build a church, Babalola didn’t listen to the people, he went into the deadly forest with his bible and bell, the demons were seen rushing out.

It didn’t happen in heaven, it took place where you are walking presently.

Imagine you’re Babajide whom God instructed to move to Imo, the land known as the territory for witchcraft and sorcery headquarter in West Africa.

The modern psycho-Christians would have told us that choosing a suitable location is the first step towards ministry success.

Our father were not after ministerial success, their only concern is to obey God.

They don’t need to check concordance, the Holy spirit spoke through their mouth and life.

The Christian association in Ghana resolved that Babalola is the greatest Apostle after Paul during his visit.

This their faith, broke them, made them pray, made them wait and made love God and man.

Imagine BABA Akande Ede held a 2wks prayer meeting and gave out all the offering to feed the needy.

That faith made them shun worldly pleasure, in fact most of them had nothing.

Imagine BABA OMOJUA giving a testimony that he now had 2 shirts.

Imagine Orekoya who only knew just one bible which he never exhausted before living the earth space.

You want to know about Esinsin Ade…
To be continued…

AT Joel.

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