Functionaries in the Body

Some have been selected or elected by God as his functionaries in the Body of Christ. These functionaries regulate the activities of the body according to the direction of the head.

To joke with these functionaries is to joke with your membership rights and privileges.

To decern the functionaries is a mark of growth and spirituality.

Some people have stubbornly refused to acknowledge the functionaries in the body.

Some would say, we are all priests, he is just a ‘fool’ time Pastor or our church Reverend civil servant.

Friend, even from the OT, God desired all Israel to become a kingdom of Priests( Exodus 19:6) in the midst of a special priesthood already in existence. The priesthood was from Levi yet not all Levites were Priests.The Levites too served in the tabernacle. Only Aaron and his sons could be priests ( Exodus 28:1, Number 3:10) but that was not made an hereditary appointment until Phinehas’ act of zealous loyalty to God shortly before Israel entered Canaan (Num.25:6-13).

Likewise, Christ has set in the body some functionaries whom we necessarily need to acknowledge, respect and uphold. He gave some as Apostles, some as Prophets, some as Some as Evangelists, some as Teachers and Pastors for the regulations of the body of Christ.

It is good that a functionary should know the responsibilities and duties of his /her designation and faithfully man it.

It is also good that the body fully supports and respect the functionaries. Affirm his office and support him emotionally, prayerfully etc.

Dear reader, being too general or familiar in our identification with members of the body of Christ is a major set back in the body of Christ.

Start today to acknowledge those set as Functionaries in the Body of Christ.

James C. Orioha
In His
Missio Dei.

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