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“I went to a church in Abuja, Nigeria, nicknamed COZA and never in my life have I been treated with such excellence ever, no where in the world. Never have I ever seen or experienced such. The level of excellence blew my mind”. -Creflo Dollar at World Changers International Church.

“I went to possibly the greatest Church I have ever been to in my life in Abuja, Nigeria. I have been to thousands of churches but I have not seen a more significant and impactful Church like COZA Abuja.

They had the most electrifying worship atmosphere and I told myself this is what The Holy Ghost wants for us, He wants us to be world-class”. -Mike Murdock

From what looked like a student’s fellowship in 1999 in the ancient city of Ilorin, Nigeria, God gave a mandate to reach out to people who were termed failures by the society and raise them to be leaders and world changers, a take over generation.

This was and still is the blueprint of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly.

A unique place where friends meet friends, and all meet Jesus, COZA adopted unconventional outreach methods and strategies to go into the world and reach the unchurched, empower them to live right, think like kings and to imbibe in them a no-no attitude towards mediocrity.

The Church’s first location was at Niget Cafe, Kwara state. Perfectedlight. Then she moved to Aliyu Estate and then Wonderland Garden. In her usual unconventional approach to ministry, COZA moved to Kwara hotels which was quite unprecedented at the time but her membership continued to increase in leaps and bounds.

Just when we thought this was it, God told his servant Pastor Biodun to move to the city of Abuja. This was a tough decision to make owing to the fact that the majority of her members at this time were students especially from the University of Ilorin but they obeyed God and moved to Abuja.

On getting to Abuja, COZA held her first service at The Nicon Luxury Center Abuja. In a bid to find a suitable place of worship, the Church shuttled between Sheraton Hotels, Shabak Center, The International Conference Center and then settled at the Metro Plaza Central Business District, Abuja. One would think that with all of these movements, membership would be affected but the reverse was the case.

At The Metro Plaza, COZA had to run 3 services so as to meet up with the teeming number of people who kept coming to seek the face of God.

Taking a leap of faith, COZA moved again to the This Day Dome at the heart of Abuja. Finally COZA moved to her own property at Guzape Hills, Asokoro Extension, Abuja.

Today COZA is blessed with Campus Churches in Port Harcourt, Ilorin, Lagos and Dubai. A place known for her excellence; in it’s style of worship, in its reception right from the gate to the pulpit, good, intelligent and spirited music and to crown it all, COZA teaches sound Christian doctrines with emphasis on The Spirit of Excellence.

With an estimated membership of about 20,000 globally, the little Church that was tagged ‘a students fellowship’ is today a force to be reckoned with globally. The Church is led by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo aka PB as he is fondly called and his wife Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo.

In 2016 COZA formed a music group called ‘The Gratitude’; a group made up of skilled vocalists and instrumentalists. The group was created to produce mainstream music with a spiritual message.

In October 2019, the group won the UK Gospel Touch Music Awards for the Choir/Group of the Year Category. Their song ‘Rabababa eh’ made waves beyond the shores of Nigeria. They have also been privileged to host great men of God like Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory among others.

“There are few places that I have been to that have influenced and enlarged my vison and COZA is one of such places.

There is a great weight and revelation of excellence and I’m not talking about the exterior, its the worship, the volunteers, the open Heavens. God is in that place, it is a prototype ministry”. – Pastor Paula White

In 2018, my friend Chinedu traveled from Uyo to attend the Upsurge conference with T.D Jakes at COZA. Chinedu called me after day one of the conference and the first thing he said over the phone was; “I celebrate you Sir”. Mind you Chinedu is an older friend and this was the first time he was referring to me as ‘Sir’.

What happened to you? I asked Chinedu and with so much excitement and enthusiasm he said “COZA”.

After Chinedu had spent close to 23 minutes on that phone call with me, narrating the overwhelming and mind shifting experience he had just had in one day amidst blasting in tongues here and there, he repeated what he said at the beginning of the phone call. I later got to find out it was a mantra at COZA, a mantra borne of her culture of gratitude and honour.

For the second time in the over 5 years of my relationship with Chinedu, he said; “I celebrate you”.


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