Have you ever been in a situation, where you were heading down the street to get something, then suddenly, you came across a friend, and the both of you exchanged pleasantries, but then one gist led to another and in the middle of the conversation, you suddenly went quiet, as reality dawned on you, you screamed
‘I left something on fire’

Or remember that time you were watching your favourite reality show, it was so captivating, you couldn’t even blink.
Then after a moment you froze, wait, what is that smell? You turn towards the Kitchen and screamed
‘I left something on fire’

Permit me to talk to you dear one.
Yes you, that is now surrounded by thousands of friends that always have the lastest gist, and the trending news, and because of that you have forgotten about the book you were writing, the book you wanted to write to be a blessing to thousands of people, you were cooking up great knowledge to put in that book but ever since your friends came you stopped writing and now spend all your time gossiping, you have forgotten that you left something on fire.
I came to remind you that you left something great on fire.

How can you forget those ideas you were cooking up on how to become a great mentor to thousands of people.
But now you no longer care about working towards those goals, you are busy watching movies that won’t help you become a better version of yourself, you have become so distracted and you have forgotten about those ideas.
Let me remind you, you left something great on fire.

God taught you how to mix the right ingredients required to prepare an exceptional marriage, but you got distracted watching the divorce, broken relationships, you have forgotten that you were cooking something exceptional with God, something that will feed lives.
Can you remember that you left something great on fire?

A Generation is starving, and God has entrusted you to cook up something to feed them, you can’t afford to let it burn, burnt food don’t taste nice.

You are cooking something big for a generation and you can’t serve them burnt food.

So go check what you left on fire.
Go check those ideas
Go check those goals

Go check what you left on fire


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