A CNN REPORT ON PRAYER… What God Cannot Do, Does Not Exist!!!

On The 21st of August, 2022, The World Renown News Agency CNN published a Report on the Global Prayer Platform New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations led by Pastor Jerry Eze.

The Impact of NSPPD has indeed been massive, the evidences are undeniable, bringing the entire world to a standstill. CNN amongst many other global institutions have gone as far as rating Pastor Jerry’s YouTube Chanel as number 1 in the world with factual statistics and the 2nd Most viewed Ministry in the World.

It is also ranked as the Most watched Live channel in Nigeria [Leading in all parameters: Daily, weekly and monthly]. The Channel with the Most Live Viewers in Nigeria. [Leading in all parameters: Daily, weekly and monthly] amongst many others.

Pastor Jerry only recently celebrated His 40th anniversary on earth and It’s particularly safe to say His exploits for God’s Kingdom look nothing like His Age. Pastor Jerry’s level of influence through the NSPPD is a phenomenon worthy of in-depth study, this manner of success in the use of Social Media to advance a cause is completely unprecedented.

Indeed, What God Cannot do, does not exist.

Read full CNN Report here

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