What is Tithing according to Biblical Standard? (Paying of Tithe 10%)

Giving is a scriptural guidance for Child of God, very much like we have other guidance and rule from God in different part of life, exactly the same thing applies to our funds, Tithe is 10% of your pay given to God, so giving will be giving God 10% of each and every increment you experience, both as pay of Business returns or different types of advancement and arrangement that comes your direction.

Giving is God’s guidance and there is an extraordinary prize distributed to noticing it, in the event that you stroll in compliance, you will receive the rewards.

Tithe was referenced in the Bible, in the book of Malachi 3:10; says – Bring ye every one of the offerings into the storage facility, that there might be meat in mine home, and demonstrate me now herewith, saith the Lord of host, on the off chance that I won’t open the windows of paradise, and spill you out a gift, that there will not be room to the point of getting it, refrain 11 says, And I will reproach the devourer for the good of you, and he will not obliterate the products of your ground; neither will your plant cast her natural product before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.

So you can see that Tithe is an order from God and it is intended for your progression in each implication, particularly in your funds, it makes you experience increment on each side.

It incites the paradise upon your life, your undertakings, your business and vocation as the Bible says, God will pour you down a gift that there won’t be room to the point of containing it, this occurred in the book of scriptures a few times, to show us that it is feasible for God to favor you past what your ability can oblige.

Peter was fishing, when Jesus utilized his boat to teach, subsequently, he was approached to project his net into the profound for a catch, the book of scriptures says, his net started to break and the boat sink, since what he got was excessively, he needed to send for different anglers to come and help him, yet the book of scriptures says, the boat of peter and those others were completely filled (Luke 5: 1-11), this is only one of the circumstance where God demonstrated to us that it is feasible to reap past your ability and the rule that makes for this element of increment is called, Tithing.

Many individuals find it challenging to submit to God and pay their offering since they felt it is their cash and they reserve the privilege to choose which one to spend or which one to give God, some other accept, it is a key from chapel pioneers and Pastors to fund-raise, however this is really false by any means, it is God’s edict and you are managing God, not the minister or the congregation, yes you are dropping the offering in your congregation, where you are planted and been taken care of the expression of God, that push your profound development and improvement, yet they are not the one responsible for your increment and gift, God is the one that gives increment and gift, he sees your compliance in the mystery and prize you in the open.

The Devil likewise hoodwink and control many individuals not to pay their offering, in order to keep them on a similar spot monetarily, he will ensure you are hesitant to paying your offering, just to keep you on a similar spot, you are the one that should not permit this to occur, I know individuals who are brought back to life offspring of God, they serve the master, they submit to him and do his will in each and every thing with the exception of giving, they won’t simply deliver their cash to God, and this as kept them behind monetarily, they might try and experience God’s approval in other part of life, however their monetary entryway is shut on the grounds that they have not complied with God in monetary perspective yet.

Giving is likewise a method for demonstrating that you have overcome cash, that you are in charge of cash, not that cash is the one controlling you, there are many individuals today, that cash is the one controlling them, they are subjugate by cash, yet this isn’t the desire of God for us as Christians, Money is a worker, it is an instrument, we should utilize cash (Ecclesiastes 7:12 Prov 22:7), we should send cash on tasks, cash shouldn’t utilize us, there are many individuals out there who are not dreading God with regards to cash, they can do only anything to get cash, this is exceptionally horrendous. You can never vanquish the desire for cash, until you begin giving, since this is when God will start to channel his approval your way, and you will acknowledge it is feasible to bring in cash without compromising, you will find it is feasible to be honest and affluent, you can bring in cash without participating in wrongdoing.


The Kingdom method of Abundance and abundance is very not the same as the common way, in the realm, you entrust God with your funds by paying your offering and God started to satisfy his words by directing overflow your direction.

I recollect not many a long time back, when I recently began giving, it was quite difficult, yet my confidence and trust in the expression of God was developing, I started to find that, the same way I trust God for divine wellbeing, recuperating and completeness, security, replies to petition, is the same way, I am intended to accept him for monetary flourishing and overflow, expansion in my Business and funds, God is almighty, he can do all things, we simply have to submit to him, recall the book of scriptures expresses, having in preparation to vindicate all defiance, when your submission will be satisfied (2 Corinthians 10:6).

This is precisely the way in which it works, you can’t address God for the circumstance of things in your funds when you realize that you are not strolling in compliance with his standards for monetary increment, when Jesus did the marvel of fishes with peter, peter was dumbfounded, he could barely handle it, that is precisely the way that increment occurs in the realm, when God started to remunerate your dutifulness, you will be stunned, on the grounds that God can’t lie, he isn’t a man that would lie nor a child of man that will atone who can definitely be depended on (Numbers 23:19).

I additionally believe you should realize that God needn’t bother with your cash for anything; you are the one that need God’s assistance and expansion in your undertakings. Each commitment of the sacred writing is attached to a condition, if you need to see the commitment become a reality in your life, you should initially satisfy the condition that makes for that satisfaction, since confidence is a common obligation, God is generally dependable, people are consistently the variable, you should do your part so God will do his part, you can never be a tither and be a poor person, it is unimaginable.

How Could I Pay My Tithe?

You are to pay to your congregation, your nearby gathering, where God is sustaining you, where you are filling in the information on God, that is the proper spot for you to pay your offering, certain individuals get favored in their congregation and take the offering to another congregation, this isn’t OK, you are intended to give in your congregation, pay it to your congregation, each congregation have a way they gather the offering for the most part during the faith gatherings, paying to somewhere else is off-base and you may not get any compensation for it, your offering ought to go to your congregation, you are giving it to God, so it as to be where you meet God frequently and frequently.

Assuming your craving is to encounter increment, change of level monetarily, giving is the entryway to that reality, you should risk your confidence and accept the expression of God so it can come to fulfiment in your life, wouldn’t fret Satan, don’t pay attention to him, the expression of God has given you the directions you want throughout everyday life and fate.


Why is Tithing Important?

Giving is an approach to instructing us that God should be our main goal. It’s in the Bible, Deuteronomy 14:22-23, TLB. “You should give each of your yields consistently. Tithe is an ever-enduring rule that God told for his kin, it is an approach to making God first in our funds, Businesses and every one of our undertakings, and when you put God first, he focus on you likewise and reward you.

Another justification for why Tithing is vital is that, it is the approach to crushing and reprimanding the devourer, it obliterate the exercises of the devourer in and around our life a funds, I recollect a declaration of a lady, that we served in an effort, she said, at whatever point she bring in cash and keep it in her home, without anybody going into the house, something come into the house and take the cash away, it happens consistently, she came to our congregation and took the leaflet that has been honored, she chose to keep her cash inside the handout, when she got up promptly in the first part of the day, she saw 2 major rodent dead by the side of the flyer, and after seven days, they called her that a portion of her town people were dead and they are two individuals simultaneously, this is the manner by which horrible the activity of the devourer can be, it makes individuals to work for little more than, when you are a tither, the good book says, God will reproach the devourer for the good of you (Malachi 3:11).

It isn’t sufficient to have cash or to get favoring, you really want your approval to be safeguarded.

Giving hold you under open paradise generally, it makes you to be under the blessing, increment and covering of the contract of God.

Somebody might be saying, how does Tithing bring increment and overflow? Since the book of scriptures says in Malachi 3:10, that he will open the windows of sky and spill you out a gift that there will not be room to the point of containing it, how can it works?

To respond to that, let me first express that, we don’t require see favoring tumbling down from paradise in type of Cars, House or actual cash, so don’t expect such to occur, the manner in which it works is that, God gives you divine thought, he train you to benefit, he shows you what to do, the business you ought to put resources into, the step you ought to take, recall that he said in Deut 8:18; thou will recollect the master thy God for it is he that giveth you the ability to succeed. That is the way it works, God guide your choice, he drives you to the green field, he shows you the move toward make, the moves to make that will make you succeed.

It occurred for Jacob when he was in the place of Laban (Genesis 30: 25 – 40), it additionally occurred for Isaac, when God told him not to go down to Egypt, he remained where God put him and there, he sowed and reap an 100 fold and became great until he was very great, and the bible says, the philistine envied him (Genesis 26:12 -14).

So God prospers you when you pay tithe via divine idea, he instruct you and direct you on the way to go, the moves to make, that will cause you to prosper and excel even beyond your own imagination.

I pray that today, the Grace to be a faithful tither will come upon you, and you will experience the hand of God in your endeavors, Business, finances in Jesus name.

God bless you.

Written by Pastor Matthew.

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