• Jesus Christ still heals and delivers as in Bible days – Mat. 4:23/ Heb. 13:8
  • He still goes about healing everyone oppressed of the devil – Mat. 8:16/ Act. 10:38
  • Jesus still heals today, instantly and through a process of recovery – Mat. 8:1-4/                      Mak. 8:22-24
  • Healing is the covenant right of every child of God, but accessible by faith – 1 Jhn 5:4/              Mat. 9:27-29

Wk 1 (Wed. 3rdAug. 2022): Covenant Pathways to Receiving Your Healing Miracles – Prt 1

We Must Recognize Our right to Healing, Health and Wholeness in Redemption – Jhn 8:39/             2 Pet. 1:3

  • The price for our total health has been fully paid 1 Cor 6:20/ 1 Pet 2:24
  • Behind most sicknesses and afflictions is the devil at work  Luk. 13:11-16/ Act. 10:38
  • But we have been repositioned by redemption far above all principalities and powers that are mostly responsible for sicknesses and diseases  Eph. 2:6/ Eph. 1:20-21
  • In addition, Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, which include sickness of long continuance – Deut. 28:59-60/ Gal. 3:13-14
  • Healing, health and wholeness is God’s will for all His children – 3 Jhn 2/ Mat. 8:1-2
  • And as sons and daughters of God, there is no sickness in our redemptive lineage                                 – Jhn 1:12/ Eph. 2:20
  • When we dwell in love, we dwell in God and God in us, which confers dominion over sickness and diseases among others – Rom. 8:28/ 1 Jhn 4:16-18/ Eph. 3:17-19
  • We are redeemed as ‘lively stones’, and because stones don’t get sick, we have dominion over sicknesses and diseases – 1 Pet. 2:5/ Col. 1:27
  • However, it is through the Word that we partake of divine natures, which is immune to sickness and disease – Pro. 4:20-22/ 2 Pet. 2:4

Wk 1 (Thur. 4th Aug. 2022): Covenant Pathways to Receiving Your Healing Miracles – Pt 1b

Healing and Deliverance Through the Violent Prayer of Faith

  • Our healing was settled at the cross, but we can only get healed by our faith                                             – Mat. 9:27-29
  • But it is not just prayer that heals, but the violent prayer of faith – Mat. 11:12/                                1 Tim. 6:12

We have the following examples

  • Hezekiah violent reaction to his prophetic death sentence – Isa. 38:1-5
  • The never give up violent faith of Bartimaeus – Mak. 10:46-52
  • The violent press of faith that made whole the woman with the issue of blood                              – Luk. 8:40-48
  • The violent faith of the Canaanite woman that got her son delivered – Mat. 15:22-28
  • The multitude with high pressing faith until they touch the helm of garment and were made whole – Mat. 14:35-36
  • While we got healed by faith, we sustain our health by the Word – Mat. 12:43-45/                      Pro. 4:20-23

Wk 1 (Fri. 5th Aug. 2022): Covenant Pathways to Receiving Your Healing Miracles – Prt 1C

Healing and Deliverance Through the Mystery of the Passover Blood – Mak. 4:11/ Exo. 11:1

  • The Passover blood was initiated by God for the rescue of His people – Exo. 11:1/                            Exo. 12:21-27/33
  • It is a transgenerational ordinance for all the seeds of Abraham  Exo. 12:24-25/                    Heb. 13:20
  • But every child of God is a spiritual Israelite, that is, a spiritual Jew   – Rom. 2:28-29/                Gal. 3:29
  • The blood of Jesus is the Blood of the everlasting covenant – Heb. 13:8/20
  • Today, Jesus is our Passover Lamb – 1 Cor. 5:7

But What Is in The Passover Blood?

  • Keeps the destroyer at bay from our territory – Exo. 12:13
  • Terminates all misfortunes – Exo. 11:1-3/ Exo. 12:36
  • Rescue from all satanic stronghold of sicknesses, diseases and death – Zch. 9:11-12/ Exo. 12:12
  • Shatters satanic oppressions and bondages – Luk. 13:11-16/ Mak. 9:25
  • Renders double back of all that anyone may have lost – Zch. 9:9-12/ 1 Cor. 5:7
  • God’s last card for the rescue of the redeemed – Exo. 11:1-2/ 1 Jhn 5:7-8/ Heb. 12:22-24

Week 2 (Wed. 10th Aug 2022): Covenant Pathways to Receiving Your Healing Miracles – Pt2

Healing and Deliverance Through the Mystery of Feet Washing – Mak. 4:11/ Eph. 3:1-5

  • Feet washing is a spiritual medium through which we take delivery of our missing inheritance in Christ – Jhn. 13:3-8/ 2 Pet. 1:3/ Rev. 5:12 

The Mystery of Feet-washing as Unveiled by Christ Jhn 13:3-12

  • Jesus, having received all things from His father – vs. 3
  • began to wash the Disciples feet to bring them into that same realm – vs. 4&5
  • Peter reacted, but by the response of Jesus, his eyes got opened – vs. 8
  • By His response, Jesus established the core benefit of feet washing, that is, the release of our parts in Christ – vs 8
  • Among others, this mystery purges the saints, making us clean every whit – vs. 10

What is in Feet-washing for us?

  • Health and longevity – Deut. 33:24-25/ Jhn 5:1-4
  • All-round cleansing power – Jhn. 13:10/ 2 Kgs 5:10-14
  • Access to all of our missing redemptive rights – Jhn. 13:8/ 2 Pet. 1:3/ Rom. 8:32

Which include:

  • Supernatural victory over all the powers of the enemy – Deut. 33:25/ Luk. 10:19
  • Supernatural breakthroughs – Hab. 3:17-19/ Jos. 1:3

Scriptural Illustrations of the Mystery of Feet Washing – Isa. 14:24

  • We should see the water in the basin, as a kind of Red Sea and should expect that as we dip our feet into it, every form of captivity, misfortune, and struggle for survival as Israel had it in Egypt, to be over finally in our lives tonight – Exo. 12:36/42/ Exo. 16:35
  • We should see the water in the basin, as a kind of River Jordan and as we step our feet into it, we should expect every barrier on the path to our promised land to clear off the way and every form of leprosy in any area of our lives, to be cleansed tonightJosh. 3:14-17/ 2 Kgs 5:14
  • We should see the water in the basin, as a kind of the pool of Bethsaida and as we step our feet into this water, we should expect every manner of sickness and disease, including terminal and incurable diseases to be healed instantly – Jhn 5:1-4/ Pro. 23:18

Wk 3 (Wed. 17th Aug. 2022): Covenant Pathways to Receiving Your Healing Miracles – Pt 3

Healing Through the Name of Jesus Christ – Mak. 4:11/ Pro. 18:10

  • While Jesus was physically on earth, He went about healing all manner of sickness and diseases – Act. 10:38/ Luk. 4:40 
  • The name of Jesus is full of wonders, including healing wonders – Isa. 9:6 / Act. 9:34/      Act. 4:9-10
  • The name of Jesus is God’s irrevocable gift that remains in force today – Rom 11:29/ Phi. 2:9-11/ 2 Kgs 13:20-21
  • Healing virtues flow through the name of Jesus – SOS 1:3 / Mak. 16:17/ Act. 9:34-35
  • The name of Jesus is a strong tower against all the evils of the day – Pro. 18:10
  • Demons are cast out in the name of Jesus – Luk. 10:17/19/ Mak 16:17
  • When we anoint the sick with oil in the name of Jesus, they are healed                                             – Mak. 6:7/12-13/ Jam. 5:14-15
  • But we must engage the name of Jesus Christ in prayer of faith for our healing and deliverance – Jhn 16:23-24/ Mat. 7:7-8/ Jam. 4:2

Wk 4 (Wed. 24th Aug. 2022): Covenant Pathways to Receiving Your Healing Miracles – Pt 4

Healing and Deliverance Through Declaration of Faith – Luk. 21:15

  • Life and death are in the power of the tongue – Pro. 18:21
  • The misuse of the tongue has unconsciously brought horror to many believers                           – Eccl. 5:6/ Mak. 11:23
  • Every negative word spoken counts against us – Mat. 12:33-37
  • We only have what we say not what anyone else says – Mak. 11:23/ Jam. 3:6-8
  • When we declare any truth of scripture in faith, God confirms it with testimonies                    – Psa. 81:10-14/ Act. 14:3
  • What we say in our heart is as potent as what we say with our mouth – Mat. 9:20-22
  • Our spiritual authority lies in our tongue – Num. 14:28/ Luk 21:15
  • Saying what God says is what commits His integrity to perform – Jer. 30:17/ Isa. 53:1-5/ Isa. 33:24
  • Even when Christ, the anointed one kept mute, He was oppressed and afflicted, but as He opened His mouth the adversary fell flat on the floor – Isa. 53:7-8/ Jhn 18:3
  • What we declare boldly is what God confirms openly – 1 Sam. 17:42-50/ Act. 14:3
  • What we pray is vital, but what we say after we have prayed is much more crucial, because it is what we say after we have prayed that God confirms – Jhn. 11:6/40-41

Wk 5 (Wed. 31st Aug. 2022): Covenant Pathways to receiving Your Healing Miracles – Pt 4

Healing and Deliverance Through the Power of Testimonies

  • Testimonies are the raw interpretation of scriptures – Isa. 8:16/20/ Mak. 16:20
  • Testimonies are prophetic in nature to whosoever receives and believes them                            – Rev. 19:10/ Psa. 119:111
  • When we believe testimonies, we have committed God to replicate same in our lives – Luk. 1:45/ Isa. 8:20
  • Testimonies stir the faith of others to receive their miracles – Mat. 9:20-22/Psa. 119:111
  • Testimonies are faith boosters by which we overcome all challenges of life – Rev. 12:1

Examples here include:

  • David engaged his past testimonies to bring down Goliath – 1 Sam. 17:34-37
  • Elisha brought the Shunamite son back to life following the footsteps of Elijah                              – 1 Kgs 17:19-23/ 2 Kgs 4:32-36
  • Peter brought Dorcas back to life by engaging Jesus’ approach – Luk. 8:51-56/                                 Act 9:36-40
  • People with diverse sicknesses followed the testimony of the woman with the issue of blood to get their healing – Mat. 14:36.
  • We have continued to experience diverse replication of testimonies from kingdom advancement in the ongoing revival in this Church over the years – Isa. 8:16/                               Psa. 119:111/ 144
  • You can reach out for your own miracle following the testimonies of others – Mat. 6:33/ Rom. 12:11/ Heb. 6:12

Jesus is Lord!

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