My dear brother Creflo, I have listened to your inconsistent sermons for over three decades and I have come to a conclusion that you are confused.
When I listened to you on television telling people that God wants your members to buy you another Gulfsteam private jet worth close to forty six million dollars, I knew you will get into real trouble and definitely try to redeem your name someday.

But this obviously is not a good way of telling the body of Christ that you are truly sorry for trying to milk your people in God’s name.

Firstly, I advise that you don’t put the blame of your terribly opulent and lavish lifestyle on the doctrine of tithing.

If you collect tithes to furnish your sumptuously super-expensive lifestyle,you will have problems with your conscience condemning you.
The doctrine of tithing is biblical, your problem is your conscience that is beginning to condemn your lifestyle.

Please, I advise you sell your numerous houses, private jets, multi million dollars luxury cars and extravagant possessions and return the money to some of us that trusted you, bought your books, tapes, and even paid tithe to your ministry. You can’t be changing messages like chameleon and keep the proceeds and tell us you are hearing from God.

Creflo, I believe in tithing, I also believe that the proceeds are for the expansion of the kingdom of God on earth.
Though I have not preached on tithing for the past fifteen years in any of our branch churches but I believe in voluntary tithing and giving for the expansion of the kingdom of God.
The Tithe is Holy and it belongs to God and the expansion and management of his kingdom.

I was disinherited by my family several years ago because I became a Christian. Some of my spiritual children in the Lord came together and built a mansion for me in my home town without my knowledge, they said if they told me about it, I would have stopped the project and invested the money into crusades and soul winning.

The house, they said was built to compensate my many years of faithfulness in the kingdom. But I have not even visited the house in the past four years. I was even contemplating selling it two years ago and planting the money into kingdom work.

I live presently in Lagos, I am about to celebrate my sixtieth birthday but I still live in a rented house without house maids, servants or even a driver. I still drive myself and do all my laundry services because I don’t want to put any burden on the ministry. So you can see, I am not extravagant hence my conscience is not condemning me about tithing.

I have not traveled out of this country in many years, not because I cannot afford it but because I want to keep and live a very moderate life style for both myself and the ministry.

Dear man of God, there is nothing wrong with tithing, Other religions have other forms of financial policies they apply for running their organizations just as tithing is one of the ways of God’s financial strategy for running his kingdom here on earth.

I live an accountable life style and I very much believe in the doctrine of tithing as a financial covenant relationship with our God.
But in case you are reading this and you don’t want to pay your tithe in your local assembly, no problem, it is not by force, it is by choice. Your refusal to pay can not and will never stop the expansion of God’s kingdom.

I want to believe that my beloved Rev Creflo Dollar will wait upon God and be very sure of a message before selling it to the world and making ministry difficult for the upcoming generation of ministers.
A teacher of the Word of God is called to help us straighten out doctrines and not to get us more confused.

Authorship: Rev Yinka Yusuf

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