I met someone few months back, a nice person on all sides in my estimation.

He has been privileged to go places, I covet the grace upon him and I still believe he was sincere just that he didn’t understand few things about my journey.

We ministered on the same platform, at the hotel we got talking, he asked who I am submitted to and he introduced his father to me as well.

The next day he required that I speak with his father then he told me he wanted me to minister for him here and abroad.

I told him I will pray and get back to him.

It was few days later, he told me the conditions attached to it, I rejected it immediately.

He wanted me to submit to his father.

I look back to the days, I was not near anywhere God has taken me today, the labor of my father.

The drilling, sincerity, love, discipline and above all truthfulness my father has put into my life.

The greatest gift a man can receive is the gift of good men.

I said NO
He gave me time to think about it and pray.

I did non because I have promised God NEVER to betray or ABANDON those He is using for me.

I received all the documents I needed to sign in my mailbox.

He told me the reason he wanted me to submit to his father they are valid on his side but it betrayed my conviction.

I rejected all, they’re things I have prayed for before now but God doesn’t break His word or principle to bless anyone.

In the recent time, it’s the biggest temptation I have faced.

God showed me mercy and I overcame.

God showed us mercy yesterday despite the heavy rain.

I don’t think we will be anywhere without this rare mercy.

It’s a new week of strange blessings and help.


A.T Joel.

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