5 Facts about Deborah Paul-Enenche

1. Shes the first born of Dr Paul Enenche, God’s servant have 4 children, she’s the first on the list, she has 3 junior ones and she enjoy many privieleges and comnections been the first child.

2. She’s a Trained Lawyer by profession, yes deborah Enenche ia a trained lawyer in Nigeria, so you don’t wanna mess up with her, lol 😆 😜 🤣

3. She’s a fashion Queen, this is so true, from the range of her dress and color combination and the feeaking shoes she wears, its obvious she’s Fashion crazy! Infact, i bekieve young Christian women will learn fashion from her because her rate of color combination at times can be taught provoking.

4. She’s a Gospel Musician: yes she’s a gospel artiste and this can be seen often whenever she travel with God’s servant, she’s often found ministering in songs just right before God’s servant brings the word of God.
She carries a deposit of tangible divine presence qnd rhisnis felt so strong anytime she is ministering.

5. She’s a Social Media Freak! Yes if you check her out on facebook and Instagram, you will be blown off, she uses social media often and heavily, she gives us a brief summary and report of every sunday service at glory dome including with pictures of every rare moment.

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