A Major Miracle at PASTOR W.F KUMUYI’s Crusade in Ilorin

God visited us in Ilorin city recently and it was indeed a time of
divine encounter, I ensure I was there on Sunday evening and it was
indeed amazing, first of all I was shocked to see what the deeper life
camp Ilorin city looks like, it was a massive place, I mean very
massive, it’s actually a city on its own.

That is why it is called Deeper Life Village; I am glad that in Ilorin
city, we have such a magnificent landmass for Kingdom sale in Ilorin
kwara state, to God alone be the glory.
But today, I want to share something significant that happened during
the crusade on Sunday evening, it was all flooded with crowds of
people, worshippers from far and near, who have come to encounter
Jesus through the life of his servant, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, the Choir
ministration started after the testimony session, and the choir was
indeed another massive crowd, infact the volume of the choir is enough
to make a full mega church attendance.

It was all glorious and the ministration was awesome, it set the stage
for Daddy Kumuyi’s Ministration, which came with power, but just right
after the choir started their ministration, it began to rain, this is
an open air crusade, holding right inside the deeper life camp, there
was enough chairs to sit as many people that desire to attend, but
there was no roof, so the rain was fallen right on our head, and not
long, some people began to leave the crusade ground, but this is where
the miracle is, as soon as Daddy Kumuyi mounted the altar, the rain

I was amazed, of course I could feel the presence of God in the
meeting, it was so powerful and mighty, but this miracle dazed me, he
did not even pray against it, he did not even pray against it, he
didn’t say anything either but as he mounted the pulpit and said
“Praise the Lord” the mighty hand of the Lord came down and the rain
stopped, it never rained till the end of the crusade that night, GOD
is indeed mighty in the midst of his people, we bless God for the life
of his great Generals of Faith that is in Nigeria, indeed, this
country is a major centre of God’s endtime over in this generation.

The crusade as been characterized with several manifestation of the
power of God, In instant healing, both on the air waves and on ground,
many souls are connected via the satellite and internet all across the
world and they are receiving their own divine encounter, Jesus is

The Crusade is coming to an end today, 28th of June 2022, You can
connect from facebook or youtube and the Lord Jesus will surely visit
you, Amen.

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