How can I get closer to the holyspirit?

In a world of many voices, you need to get closer to God in order to differentiate his voice from that of others. It is by getting familiar with him that you know when he is saying something to you. Getting closer to the holyspirit is by choice because he won’t force himself on you. If you invite him to your life he will come, but if you drive him away, he will leave because he is a gentle spirit.

Below are 11 Steps on how you can get closer to the holyspirit

1. Be born again: being born again is the first step to take in order to access the benefits in the kingdom of God. John 3:3
You need to belong to a family before you can enjoy what they enjoy in that family or even partake of blessings within the home. The way to the Father is Jesus Christ
John 14:6

2. Desire him: There needs to be a longing in your heart first. Seeking the holyspirit is not something a person should be forced to do. The longing has to come from the person first Psalms 42:1-2. And Jesus Christ said anyone that comes to him he won’t cast away, John 6:37 so desire him, seek his face and he will be found. Isaiah 55:6-7
If he sees your willingness he will come to you. Luke 19:2-6

3. Invite him to your life: open your heart to receive him and he will come. The Bible says in
John 16:24 KJV
Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.

So if you ask him to come into your life he will.

4. Ask for the infilling of the holyspirit: when you go to God in prayer and make your petitions known, he will grant it to you.

5. Read your Bible: your spirit man needs to feed continually with the word of God. In most cases the holyspirit speaks to us through the pages of his word. But if you are not conversant with the word, you won’t recognize his voice

6. Meditate on the scriptures: pick a verse or two that ministers to you and chew on it; think upon it, ask the holyspirit to give you more understanding of the word. You will be amazed that he will

7. Read books: get books that are directed to the questions in your heart. Read wide in order to know how the holyspirit leads, how he communicates, what he hates etc.

8. Do not neglect the place of prayer: it is in the place of prayer that you get answers to your prayers because prayer is communicating with God. When you talk to him, he will talk back. Tarry in the place of prayer till you get answers

9. Be willing to obey his leading: whatever he says you should do, ensure you do it. If you disobey him repeatedly, you are simply telling him you don’t need his leading, so be willing to obey his instructions and he will get closer to you.

10. Stay far away from sin: sin will only take you far away from God. And God hates to behold iniquity, his ways are pure so stay clear off sin in order to enter his presence boldly. Sin kills, sin stinks, sin destroys. It will block your access to spiritual things and will fill your heart with guilt so it’s better to avoid sin.

11. Play spirit lifting worship songs and enjoy the melody and lyrics: the holyspirit moves in calm atmosphere, if you are noisy you will have difficulty in hearing him. Create an atmosphere of worship and connect your spirit man, when you worship you open up the channels for him to move freely.

So in order to get closer to the holyspirit you need to do what pleases him.

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