How Bill Sunday became a Preacher who won Millions of Soul for Jesus

– Pastor W.F Kumuyi

International Youth Success Camp 2021
Theme: Breaking Limits
Day 5

*In every man, there is a Judas and John: Starve Your Judas and Feed Your John

N is to Nurture.
The seed that is sown in your heart, nurture. The passion you have to be somebody in life, nurture that passion.
Let me give you an illustration.

Let’s say for example, there is a lion that is somewhere. If you overlook that lion, if you starve that lion, if you ignore that lion, that lion will starve to death. In everyone, there is a Judas, in everyone, there is a John.

There is a Judas that is greedy, covetous, wanting to betray. There is a John that is loving and he wants to love the Lord with all his heart.

Starve the Judas to death in your life. The things that are priorities of Judas, just don’t feed them.

Starve that Judas and feed the John. Feed the faith and the good thing in you. You nurture what is right. (Jude 1:20-21) Nobody will do it for you. You should positively groom yourself.

O is to Occupy.
Don’t allow any moment of idleness. Don’t allow your mind to be vacant. The devil always finds work for the idle hand. (Mathew 20:6)

There is a lot to do. Standing idle is not allowed. There are books to write, there are researches to be done.

There are inventions that should be made. Never let anyone or Jesus meet you idle. He found some others idle.

P is for Persevere.
You know Thomas Edison, as we were told tried more than 9000 times to make the electric light. He didn’t give up until he succeeded.

You will succeed. Don’t just pick it once and drop it. If that is your goal, you must keep at it. (1 Kings 18:43-44). Elijah kept asking his servant to keep checking the cloud for seven times until he saw something.

It is perseverance that gets you where you are going to be. It will take perspiration, it will take pursuit. It will take you putting pressure on yourself and saying I must because I can and because I will.

Q is to Question.
Don’t just say well, I don’t understand, I will let it go like that. Ask questions. Daniel 7: 16, 28. Whatever your talent and skill, there is always somebody that knows more than you know.

R is to Reason.
Even some people throw away their thinking caps. They don’t reason at all. They just say they don’t agree to things without any reason for it. It is when we think that we use our brain. Hebrews 5:14.

S is to Search.
There was a man many years ago. He was a very bad man. And as a result of his crimes, he was put in prison. When he got there, he was going around the prison and got to the chapel. He overheard the preacher said something that interested him and he decided to search for it himself. He started reading from Genesis to Hebrews where the verse was He encountered Jesus by the time he will get to Hebrews.

He was born again. His life was transformed because he was searching. Search for a new idea, inspiration. Search out solutions to things people have considered to be impossible. I’m your cause of searching, you will discover what others have not discovered. John 5: 39.

T is to Think.
The natural thought is far below the thoughts of God. Build up your thinking faculty. Encourage yourself and use your brain to think. Use your mind to think. Philippians 4:8-9.

U is to Understand.
If you go through life and you don’t understand language, principles, sowing and reaping principle, character, salvation and virtually anything, your life will not be glittering like shining stars. If you are going to understand, you must consider. 2 Timothy 2:7.

You will be a terrific man and woman if you can understand all things.

V is for Value.
Don’t just throw away your life; you should value yourself. Luke 12:6-7. Church Gist. If my hair is valuable, how about the totality of myself. You are more valued than millions of sparrows.

W is Wake Up.
We have slept for too long. You have been dormant for too long. Wake your inner man, it is time to work, it is time to achieve. It is time to make of yourself somebody for the glory of God. Ephesians 5:14. In your ways, God will give you light. Wake up, there is something for you to do.

X is to X-ray.
You know what the x-ray machine can detect, the natural eyes cannot detect. 2 Corinthians 13:5. Examine yourself, your progress and things that are holding you down. When you find those things, the grace of God will brush up and cleanse up the bad things.

Y is Yoke(with)
Mathew 11:28-30. You should yoke yourself with the One that has never lost any battle.

Z is to Zoom
Zoom is used as a verb and in two ways;

1 The car zoomed by. This means the car was very fast and it zoomed by. There was a great evangelist between 1862 to 1935. His name is Billy Sunday. He had been a village boy who was always running around.

Eventually the coach of the baseball (team) in America came and saw this boy in the village. The aunt of the boy said take this boy with you. The coach took him and when they got to Chicago, he saw the team.

Then they said to him if he could outrun the fastest runner in the team. This they did to discourage him and push him aside.

He said he could, he had no shoes just bare foot. Billy Sunday, a teenager at that time beat this fastest runner by yards in a 100 yards running.

That was how they brought him into the team. In his days as a baseball player, he ran faster than anyone they have ever known. He became a preacher eventually and we were told he won more than one million souls for Christ starting from his village..

2. Zoom in, this means you will concentrate on something until you achieve.

Bow your head and tell the Lord, here I am, I take this alphabet and I’ll write a new story of life about myself.


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