10 Nigerian Pastors You Should Listen to their Sermons


Nigeria is indeed blessed with great and mighty vessels of God, men and women who have become a battle axes in the hand of God. This is indeed a reason why the move of God and the Church as grew tremendously in Nigeria, there is so much move of God and we thank God for that. Today I want to share with you some of the great ministers of GOD whose life and ministry as indeed been an instrument of transformation to the body of Christ across the world and in Nigeria, to the glory.

Note: Understand that, there are many of them in the field, we have just choose only this few 10 to mention in this article.

God has an agenda to pour out his spirit upon all flesh, there is no doubt about that, but the agenda of God for the body of Christ rides on the shoulder of Apostles and Prophets, this is so true with the Nigerian Church, men and women have labored greatly to have the Gospel of Christ established in Nigeria and soul saved, lives of believers transformed.

#1. Pastor E.A Adeboye : This is a prophet of God, who is popularly called Daddy G.O, he is the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and the church have the largest auditorium in the world, Pastor Adeboye is known for his evangelistic impact in reaching out to lost souls and bringing the salvation message to them, he is also a true prophet of God, when he declare the counsel of God, it comes to pass in the life of God’s people.


Pastor Adeboye is also the spiritual father of many major ministers of God in Nigeria, including Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, daddy adeboye is known for his message of Holiness, the fear of God, and also the power of God, so many signs and wonders has happened at Redemption camp, Pastor adeboye is also known for answered prayer, if he pray, God answers, his sermons will bless you tremendously, indeed he is a Servant of God worthy of listening to.

Pastor Adeboye is accepted by all christian denomination, and every member of various churches respect and honor him, they receive him as a prophet of God and many of them from far and near across the world, attend the annual holy ghost convention.


#2. Bishop David Oyedepo : This is an exceptional servant of God with an unusual Grace, he is a word of Faith preacher, and he has led many people to Christ, he is a dynamic teacher of the word of God with an unusual Grace, he had a dominion mandate from God, called the liberation mandate, where God told him, it is time to liberate the world fro all operation of the devil, through the preaching of the word of faith.

Bishop is indeed a huge blessing to the body of Christ not just in Nigeria but all across the world, he is passionate about winning souls for Christ, the church he lad, which is Living Faith Church, planted branches of 10,000+ in Nigeria last year (2020), which happens to be the Covid-19 Pandemic year, even with the lockdown, the church kept expanding,


Bishop Oyedepo as written many Christian Books which is adding value to the CHRISTIAN FAITH across the world today. Bishop teaches the word of God with Power and Authority, he has also redefine the body of Christ across the world, with the Kingdom prosperity Gospel, which as been settling many free from the bondage of poverty, lack and want.

The ministry is also known for running one of the most expensive project, stress and debt free, they have herald the dignity of Kingdom Prosperity and Supernatural Supply.

I can guarantee, listening to Bishop Oyedepo sermon will impact you with Love and passion for God, it will impact you with Vision and purposeful living and help you to make the most of your christian adventure on the earth. He is indeed a General of Faith.


#3. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome : This is a powerful man of God in Nigeria, whose ministry and impact as cut across the body of Christ globally, in teaching of the word, miracles and healing. Pastor CHRIS is a dynamic teacher of the word of God. Infact, he brings the word of God with Faith and Power.

His ministry, Christ Embassy, is one of the fastest growing church in Nigeria, and fortunately, majority of Nigerian Gospel Musician are from his church, I have listen to many of his sermon, they are life transforming, he also authored many Christian books that has the power to inform, liberate and transform your Christian life.

Even if you are a Pastor, you will be greatly blessed listening to the teaching of Pastor Chris, he is so full of Wisdom, Power, Faith and the Holy Spirit, one of his best product his Sinach, a globally celebrated Gospel Musician, who as been under Pastor Chris since she was small.

Pastor Chris is known for his Healing School, where people with all kinds of infirmity and sicknesses are healed and delivered from the operation of darkness. I have watched Pastor Chris minister healing, it is so powerful and real, he carries that tangible presence and Power of God to heal all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. Pastor Chris is worth listening to.


#4. Dr Paul Enenche : I have been following Dr Paul since i was in the university, and it helped my christian Life in no small way, Dr Paul is indeed an Apostle of Christ, who carries the raw tangible Presence and Power of God, he carries an unusual Anointing, that compels you to worship God in spirit and in truth, he is also known for walking in the miraculous, healing and deliverance, especially with strange unbelievable yet undeniable proves, testimonies of the Power of God.


Dr Paul’s Ministry (Dunamis International Christian Center) is situated in Abuja Glory Dome, the ministry built her massive Glory dome headquarter church, with 100,000 capacity seater for members, and with overflow outside the church, the ministry has one of the largest church auditorium in the world.


If you are confused about your life, Christian faith or you want to experience a push in your spiritual life and prayer life, Dr Paul is a good choice, he can impact you with the spirit of Grace and Supplication, infact many of us on campus then, got literal fire connecting to Dunamis Kingdom, Power and glory conference, it was a major outpouring of the spirit, this flow has not seize in his ministry, it as even continued. Dr Paul Enenche carries so much Power and authority, which is always event in his crusade meeting and church services. Listening to Dr Paul Enenche sermon early as a young man in school, help transform my Christian life completely. Pastor Paul Enenche’s ministry is known for strange dimension of miracles, healing and restoration of human destiny and dignity.

He is also known for songwriting, he write many spirit filled songs, that as spark out great revival in the body of CHRIST across the Nations.

You will be bless to listen to him today.


#5. Bishop David Ibiyeomie : Bishop Ibiyeomie and Dr Paul Enenche are spiritual sons of Bishop David Oyedepo, they are making exploits in ministry and expanding the kingdom of God across the world. Bishop Ibiyeomie, founded salvation ministries, which is also known as Home of Success.

This man of God is full of wisdom and Power, he operates in diverse dimension of Healing Power. I have learn so many wisdom from him, i have also seen him walk in the charismatic move of the spirit, He is passionate about the salvation of souls, and the establishment of God’s kingdom on the earth, you will be blessed listening to him.


#6. Apostle Johnson Suleman : When it comes to the prophetic ministry in Nigeria, Apostle Suleman is the head of that dimension, he prophesy accurately, and bring the voice of God to the nations. He is indeed a true prophet and Apostle of CHRIST.

Watching him preach, he is a very good teacher of the word, his ministry; Omega Fire ministries, is fast growing with branches in major cities of the world. He also goes on evangelistic and apostolic mission across the world, he is passionate about salvation of souls and the liberation of mankind from oppression of the devil, he operates in diverse miracle and healing power. He is fondly considered controversial, because of the dimension he is operating from, recently there was a case of him, praying for miracle money and alerts, to enter into the account of people, and it happened on the spot, people receive money on the sport inside the church service, the social media as however been flooded with various opinion about how real this can be, but from the scriptures, we saw many miracle provision of God for his people, even Jesus command money out of the mouth of a fish, so God is more than able to provide money miraculously, apostle is worth listening to, he has great passion for God.


#7. Apostle Joshua Selman : I believe God raises men for every generation and dispensation for certain purpose and agenda, and that is exactly the case with Apostle Joshua Selman, i strongly God raised him for the next generation believers, he is a true APostle of Christ, he teaches the word of God with simplicity and with Power. Apostle Joshua selman as set many millions of youth on fire for God, both in Nigeria and across the nation of the world.


When we were catching the fire of revival in campus days, he was a major person that God used to spearhead the revival, through his sermon, teachings, we understand the agenda of God for the age and for the church in Nigeria.

His ministry (Eternity Network International – ) as blessed many lives all across the world, and the messages of the Koinonia meetings have been known to have traveled across the world, the same applies to the live services, with thousands connecting from all across the world. Apostle Selman ministers with rapt messages from God, that applies to every moment and seasons of the believers life, you will be bless if you listen to his sermon.


#8. Pastor W.F Kumuyi : This is one of the choice servant of God in Nigeria, who as been for a very long time, he is 80years old this year, ad he as been preaching the Gospel for a longtime, he is indeed a father of faith for so many christian and even Pastors in Nigeria today, he is the founder of the Deeper christian Life bible church.

He is known for his old rugged Gospel of Holiness and Righteousness, he emphasizes the need for purity and sanctification in the Christian Faith. He also hold a lot of crusade meetings across the world, with Notable Healing Signs and Wonders taking place, he is voice in the Body of Christ, and we are bless to have him in this dispensation. Pastor W.F Kumuyi is a great man of God, he has laid the foundation for the future generation to follow, he is indeed an exemplary leader. His Crusades are always characterized by notable miracles, signs and wonders. If you listen to Pastor Kumuyi, he will help you to carry the consciousness of eternity and walk with God more seriously than you have ever done.


#9. D.K Olukoya : Dr D.K olukoya is a fire brand man of God, known for his prayer mantle, he is a warrior in the kingdom, and he as sticked to his calling over the years, he has tie down the kingdom of darkness in territories and lives of believers. He is a passionate prophet of God, who is committed to the deliverance of the people, he preacher’s more on Holiness, Deliverance and Prayer warfare, and this as been characterized with notable healing and deliverance in the lives of the people.

Dr Olukoya is also a successful scientist and he has passion for knowledge and the youth.

MFM as remain one of the most notable ministry in Nigeria with tangible impact in leadership, transformation and deliverance. D.K Olukoya ministry is known for deep deliverance from all kinds of oppression of the devil, and destroying works of darkness, witches and wizards, occultic power and al to the glory of God. I can say, Dr Olukoya as raise the body of Christ under MFM as army and intercessors, which as in many ways subdue the forces of darkness and cause the people of God to have dominion over their enemies, as the bible say, upon mount Zion, there shall be holiness, deliverance and the sons of Jacob shall possess their possession.


#10. Pastor Sam Adeyemi : He is a teacher of the word, with simplicity and excellence, he teach the word of God and apply it to life circumstances, thereby giving the people of God the wisdom to make the most of their life as believers, on earth to activate success.


He focus on Excellence, leadership, Business, financial Prosperity, Relationship and marriage. Pastor Sam as added tremendous value towards the building and equipping the body of Christ all over the world, his Ministry Daystar Christian center is making great impact in the lives of people, all across the world. His sermon that i listened to first, about 7years ago was titled “Why Marry” and it was such an expository teaching on marriage, I have also listened to his messages on finances and wealth, it was indeed an eye opener; Sam adeyemi is one of the choice servants of God that open up believers to their responsibility, in other to reach their zenith in life and not be spiritual alone, but for other Aspects of their lives to bring glory to God. he is indeed worth listening to.


Like i said earlier, Nigeria is indeed a God chosen nation, and the Gospel is meant to spread from Nigeria to the other nations of the world, because we are in the midst of a revival in this nation to the glory of God, there are thousands of labourers whom God is using for this endtime revival agenda, we just chose to write about this 10, whose life and ministry have herald a notable impact in the body of CHRIST IN NIGERIA.

Is there anyone you feel should be on the list and we have omitted, kindly drop the name via the comment below God bless you.




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