5 Mistakes to avoid in Blogging as a Beginner

Blogging is one of the fastest growing Business on the internet right now and it is gaining more advantage and entrance as the usage of the internet increases and the need for knowledge across various strata of human endeavors, this as given birth to various blogs focusing on various subject matters and issues that matters to human daily need and life.

Many beginner bloggers are confuse and they don’t do their assignment enough to read, research and understand the concept of blogging effectively, both as a hobby, Business and a wealth streaming venture, i have been blogging for over 7years and i have had enough experience that can be of great help, guide and instruct beginners in blogging business, on how to start, what to do, how to grow the blog and succeed eventually.

95% of People Blogging, are doing it for business sake, so as to earn money from adverts, especially Google ADSENSE, which seems to be the most popular way people earn money from their online Content across the world. This is a good reason to blog, but it is not enough to make it a success. In this article, i will be sharing some of the mistakes that most beginners make in their blogging endeavor that makes it become highly frustrating at the end, am sure this will guide those struggling to earn money from their blog.

5 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Blogging as a Beginner;

  1. Wanting Money Overnight: I must establish one fact here, that as lucrative as Blogging business is today, you cannot make it overnight. Many times, people make reference to Linda Ikeji Blog, who earns about $65,000 monthly from her Blog, but they forget to mention that she as been doing this for the past 15years now, it is not new thing to her. Blogging is a great way to make money online and can even become a full-time venture that can make you a million in dollars, but it does not happen in a hurry, just the same way, it takes time to build a business offline, the same thing applies here, you need some patience and time to build a blog community with great traffic, traffic is what propels your income, it takes a good time to build your blog to a level whee it become notable to search engine and plenty of users all over the world. If you carry a quick-money mentality into Blogging industry, you will soon quit the venture, because you will be frustrated, my candid advice to beginners is, don’t be in a hurry; you can even take your mind off making money for nwo and build a great blog community. The secret to success in blogging is that, you must like writing and publishing useful information to the world out there, quality content that can help solve people’s problem, when you have passion for what you do, it will make it easy for you to remain until it begins to yield.
  2. Too much Focus on SEO: When you focus too much on Search engine optimization, you will miss out on the good part of Blogging, it is good to write what people want to read, but beyond that, you need to understand that, blogging is more fun when you can write original content from your head and share your mind freely with the world, relevant information, or even personal experience that you have had, this is what blogging is all about. Don’t restrict yourself to keyword article alone, you should be free to write about anything and everything as long as it will add value to readers out there. What most beginners don’t know is that, you will enjoy more organic traffic if your content are originally written, if you don’t like writing article, just quit blogging, because it is not meant for you. in the bid of getting SEO done, many bloggers have post their url to wrong places, and it end up affecting their ranking. SEO is not as difficult as it seems, if you can not do on-page seo, get a Seo expert to do it for you, while you focus mainly on writing original article, you will rank better this way.
  3. Stuffing too many Ads on the Site: This is another error that is common with bloggers, especially new ones. The volume of ads on your site is not what guarantees your income, as a matter of fact, if you are monetizing with Google, if you have lesser Ads showing, you will earn more, because, if you use the write keywords, relevant Ads will be showing on your site and you will have bigger CPC and RPM, which are paramount to your income. If you are showing another ads network apart from adsense, one or 2 ad from that network is enough, so that your site will not be filled with ads, too much adverts will scare away your readers and the bounce rate will be high, this will eventually reduce the volume of revenue you can get. 2 or max 3 Ad per page is enough, anything more than this is excess and it will affect your income, as your readers will either begin to avoid the adas or even avoid your website completely. If you place your AD on relevant position like header, footer, sidebar, upper post title and post ending, you will gain more clicks that way, it is not the volume of ads displayed that determine your income, it i the appropriate ads displaying and good positioning of ads on your ste that matters.
  4. Not Creating Quality Content: You must have heard that saying “Content is King” This is so true, on the internet, your content is what propels people to you, he value you are offering is your content, you must ensure the content is quality and relevant enough, because the competition is enormous, if you don’t have good quality content, i have no reason to visit your website. Some funny people will even monetize a website with low content, you know the content is not value adding, this can even make google to ban your account or not approve your url for monetization. If you want to make the most of your blog, create good content, you can do keyword research and find relevant information that people are looking for, write content on them and ensure it is truly solving problem, quality content will enjoy good readership and ranking n search engine, and it can earn you good backlinks, i remember some years ago, a Blogger in Ukraine took one of my blog url on a story i published and used my link as a reference on his own blog, since he sourced the story from me, the next 24hours afterwards, i got over 150,000 visitors on the story, because the volume of traffic coming into his blog is huge, and by the reference from him, i was able to earn in one day, what i use to earn in one month, This is the power of content creation. If making money, or getting leads, clients, customers is your goal for blogging, then, go create great content, that is how to get it.
  5. Site Design not User-friendly: If your site navigation is poor and unfriendly, forget about traffic, immediately users cannot enjoy reading and navigating easily on your website, they will leave, and that increases the bounce rate, this is not good and it will reduce your traffic. If you can not create a blog by yourself, get someone to do that for you, (You can send me a mail at Litedhill@gmail.com). You need a user friendly interface to enjoy better traffic, there are many wordpress theme out there that can help you achieve this goal, a website that is not in order or difficult to navigate will reduce your users and in turn, reduce your income.

So those are the 5 major errors you should avoid while starting a new blog. Be sure, you are willing to write original article or employ freelance writers to do so for you, this will make it easy for search engine to rank your articles and give you good targeted traffic.

Let me add this, if your blog was banned by Adsense, you don’t need to quit blogging, we have many adsense alternative network that pay well and even better than adsense presently, so don’t let that discourage you, you can also build your blog into a big community, where people will pay to have their information published or even direct adverts space slot will go for certain amount of money monthly.

I wish you all the best in your blogging endeavor, if you have any question, you can drop it below.

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