How to Avoid Stress and Pressure in Ministry as a Pastor!


1. When attendance drops, do not allow it to get into your heart.
Look for other aspects of the service that did not drop.
Everything cannot drop at the same time.

2. Do not expect any Member to be with you for life.
So when they go, don’t give it a thought. Just focus on the ones you have left, and believe God to have more.

3. Expect every Pastor under you to one day tell you God has called them to go and start their own Church.
The day it happens, get over it and move on.
New-Deliveries is the cure for Old-Departures.

4. Do not have any target or project with a deadline.
Just wake up by God’s Grace and enjoy each day as it comes.

5. When something bad happens, pick the lessons you need to learn from it and move on.

6. Always check your Faith Level to determine your Risk Level.
At all times, ensure the risk level is not above the faith level.

7. No need really, to put efforts to relate with betrayers who appear nice in your presence but are destroyers behind you.
Let them go.

8. Expect the worst from everyone.
So no matter how bad each person behaves, it will not get into your heart, because that was what was expected in the first place.

9. Do not give in, to any form of Competition in Ministry, Life and Destiny.
Try and avoid Friends and Pastors who are dangerously very competitive in nature.

10. Try not to have any relationship with anyone where you are the only seen beneficiary.
Be interested in mutual benefits.
So if it doesn’t work out, you won’t be the only one regretting it.

11. Do not allow the things you think you have not achieved at your age as a person and also at the age of the Ministry to negatively affect you.

12. Try not to have a PROBLEMATIC Ministry and a PROBLEMATIC Marriage. In the church REBELS wants to destroy you, and at home Your JEZEBEL of a wife wants to destroy you also. You can’t survive that way. Your house should be a RESTING PLACE and not WRESTLING PLACE.

Thanks for reading.

Irabor Wisdom

Presiding Bishop Answer’s Assembly warri Delta State Nigeria.

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