There is an ongoing dispute between the Federal and State governments of Nigeria over who is entitled to collect what taxes from citizens.

It is a known fact Winners’ Chapel at Canaanland Km 10, Idi Iroko Road, Ogun State does not (and cannot) collect taxes such as Personal Income Tax, Companies Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Value Added Tax or even Education Tax from Nigerian citizens of Ota and environs.

However as part of her Christian Social Responsibilities (CSR) she has intervened many times to fix roads used by these same citizens apart from emplacing a World Class University in the same environment.

Recall that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had stated that the presence of the Living Faith Church had greatly improved the Ota economy as the area enjoys more economic activities on Sundays alone than from Mondays to Saturdays even though there are factories like Dufil owned Indomie Noodles and supermarkets like Justrite while the cost of land has soared with consequent increase in cost of landed property to the benefit of many indigenes.

It will be remembered as mentioned here that the Living Faith Church spent N25 Million ($50,000) weekly at the heat of the lockdown to provide food and other necessary assistance to the people in this area and environs. This thus shows that the Church is playing a bigger role to the citizens than those to whom these taxes are paid.

We calls on those in high places empowered as collectors and users of these taxes from the good people of Ota, Nigeria to consider fixing these deplorable roads as soon as possible as leaving the roads this way throughout the rainy season would be a great disservice to the people.


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