The Dunamis International Gospel Centre with headquarters at the Glory Dome of the Lord’s Garden intends to build a university on its beautiful sprawling campus.

This plan which has been on for sometime was again reiterated few days ago in the United States of America by Roberts Liardon who had recently returned from a visit to the Glory Dome.

According to Liardon, he received an invitation from Dr. Paul and Dr. Becky Enenche to preach in the recently concluded Ministers’ Conference at The Glory Dome’.

Roberts Liardon stated that Pastor Enenche took him on a tour of Glory Dome and the Lord’s Garden where a university would soon be built.

Liardon proceeded to affirm that Glory Dome was indeed a 100,000 capacity auditorium.

“Now, what is unique about this Church is that it is the largest Church building in the world, about 100,000 seats. …There is actual a 100,000 seats in this building. I walked it with Doctor and pastor of the Church.

So, I was given a tour of the building and the property by Dr. Paul and he explained how it started and how it was.

We walked up the different balconies to the very top where you could see all the bottom floor and all the balconies.
And so, it’s a 100,000 seaters. No exaggeration to it.

They have all their campus, little prayer village and prayer gardens like a park where people can come and pray and view the park early that day.”

The author of God’s Generals and ‘I saw Heaven’ concluded…

“They (Dunamis) are going to build a university. They have a boarding school..it was amazing.

What they are doing with their education, it is so important to people all over the world.

And here in America we seem to be trying to politicize the education of our children and do something that is not going to be productive for our nation and for their lives.”

From available plans, at the end of the project at the Lord’s Garden, it will become an ultra modern and state of the art sprawling community for Jesus.

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