• Prophet Isa El-Buba’s prayer at the Dedication of Love of Christ Generation Church C & S Cathedral, Victoria Island Lagos.

Before I pray for God’s blessings upon the lives of everybody here.
We are here today to celebrate God for what He has done. It’s out of testimony that will begin to do unusual things in the life of everybody here.

First of all I will like us to give the King of glory the loudest clap offering.
Secondly, while we are standing, is to honor the word of God that came to us through the mouth of our pastor in our nation, my father in the Lord, Pst E. A Adeboye.

Let’s give the Lord a big hand of praise.

And then before I pray and declare as God has spoken to me.

I will like us to celebrate the Angels of this Commission, Mother Ajayi and Reverend Ajayi.
Now I stand upon the living word of God.

In Genesis 1:28, God declared a word, and when God speaks, His word is irreversible.

And so, standing upon the decree of God’s word, you are going to say an amen to the blessings I am going to bestow upon your lives because I am not speaking as one that expects. I am a living proof. Because I have blessed children and I have seven grand children.

So, I am a proof of God’s faithfulness. And I want to declare upon every Nigerian here that a new Nigeria is going to be born.

God Almighty will remove the obstacles in this nation and He will restore the glory of this nation. .

Now lift up your two hands like this: in the Name above every other name, Jesus. Lord I pray and declare over the lives of Your sons and Your daughters, I declare that their opportunities will not be stolen away from their lives. Lord, I decree and declare that their destinies shall no more be held in captivity.
By the power of the Holy Spirit, Father, every opportunity they need in order to increase and multiply, from today, let it be released into their lives in the Name of Jesus.

I decree and declare by the authority in the Name that is above every other name that every opportunity that will fetch you multiple celebrations. I decree and declare, receive that oil today. I stand by the authority of the Spirit of the Lord that today marks the end of barrenness. Today marks the end of stagnation. Today marks the end of struggle.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I decree and declare on you, where people have said you will never prosper. As an oracle of God, I declare that from today your destiny will begin to manifest.
I stand in the authority in the Name of Jesus, any gang up against your destiny, in the constellations, Whether on earth or anywhere. Every principality, any person, any power that has vowed that your destiny will not be fulfilled, today I stand in the Name that is above every name, I command the powers of the principalities to be broken, broken, broken, broken, broken, broken, broken in the Name of Jesus.
Now, I declare these five covenant areas of your life. Your Spiritual life will take a new dimension.
Those of you whose families are under a curse, that curse is broken today. Any need you have wept, you have cried, you are are believing God for a miracle, between now and the month of December, your family will sing a new song. Your family will sing a new song.
The God of Heaven that made my daughter to give birth to triplets. And I received four grand children in one month . Today, I stand as a living testimony.
I restore your star! I restore your star, I restore.

From now I speak into your career, whatever is lacking. shall released today.
Everybody coming here, anybody assigned to help you in your career, this week I command them to locate you.

And anyone that is behind your retrogression, anyone that’s behind your demotion, this day may God expose and disgrace them.

And finally, no. 4, those of you that are raising up your hands, God didn’t create you empty. God created you with a gift. It’s the gift of God on the life of mother Esther that is a way, not her strength. it’s not because she has many PHDs. it’s not because she knows how to speak quinze English but the gift of God.

Now, all of you whose hands are raised. Any of your gift that has been stolen by the enemies of your Destiny. Be restored, be restored, be restored. As you sleep, angels will visit you. Things will begin to see your life.

Now, father God of fruitfulness.
Any man or woman standing against the progress of Nigeria. Father, disgrace them this year.
Reverend Ajayi and Reverend mother Ajayi , wherever you go, fruitfulness shall answer. We bless you as God’s people in the Name of God the Father, and the Son and the Holy ghost.


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