Pastor E. A. Adeboye at the Dedication of Love of Christ Generation Church C & S Cathedral (Photos)




– Pastor E. A. Adeboye at the Dedication of Love of Christ Generation Church C & S Cathedral, Victoria Island Lagos

Some years ago, my wife and I went to one African country to hold a crusade, Holy Ghost Service, we said we will love to say hello to the President, they said okay he says you can come, maximum fifteen minutes.

We got there, he said pastor I have heard about you, you are welcome to my country and all of that, he began to talk and for one hour, it is very difficult to say to President, when it was going to two hours I said sir your people are waiting in the stadium he said let them wait, they have people they can talk to but I have no one I can talk to and I don’t know when you will be here again, let me tell you all I have to say. Finally, almost three hours later, we managed to come to prayers. On our way back to the car, I said to my wife, who am I but for Jesus.

The son of a farmer so poor that poor people called him poor, from a village that only recently when I wanted to go home by helicopter, the pilots looked at the map of Nigeria and they couldn’t find my village, things are different now, they have put it on the point now.

The point I am making now is this, standing before you is the son of a nobody, himself a nobody, born in an unknown place but he met Jesus and that changed everything.

If there is someone here who wants to be going higher day by day, let me hear you shout Jesus.

– He is the way where there is no way; when you have a situation that humanly speaking there is no hope, bring in Jesus.
Exodus 14, when God said to Moses tell the Children of Israel to move forward, the question Moses could have asked is move forward to where?

The ocean was here but when He said move forward it is because He was going to create a way where there was no way before.

John 11:39-44, somebody had died, he had been buried for four days when you talk about a hopeless situation, that is a classical example but when they brought in Jesus to the scene, when He said roll away the stone, the sister of the dead man said Lord, this one is too late, we know you are powerful but don’t disgrace yourself, this one is too late. You know the story, Jesus said Lazarus, raise up and walk.

A man who had been dead for four days by now must have begun to rotten but when He spoke, the blood came back to blood, the skin came back to skin and the one that they said cannot live came leaping out of the graveyard. When the people of the world say to you your case is hopeless, bring it to Jesus.

I was visiting a country outside Nigeria and I got to the airport and I looked around, there was one of my children who will normally be number one to receive me, he wasn’t there, where is my son?

They said sorry sir, he is in the hospital I said okay before you take me to the hotel can we pass by the hospital, I got there, the issue was that there is something they call PSA in humans, it is supposed to be between 0 – 5 by the time that thing is getting to twenty-something they suspect you have cancer, by the time it is getting to about a hundred, they begin to say sorry o.

When he got to the hospital and they tested him, his PSA was getting to four thousand, the doctors looked at him and said you mean you walked in here? In that hospital they have a special ward, anyone they know is going to die, they put them in that ward, that is where my son was, I went in there and he told me the story and I said we thank God, I am here and Jesus promised me that wherever I go He will go with me, to cut a long story short I prayed for him.

There were other people in that ward but you know in some countries you don’t pray for people unless the fellow asks you too otherwise they can sue you for spiritual harassment. Thank God for Nigeria.

That was a Saturday, by the following Wednesday, my son was discharged, completely whole, everyone in the room that day was discharged on that same Wednesday.

He is the way when they say there is no way. If you have a situation that is considered hopeless if you believe that there is a God who can reverse the irreversible if they told you, you are too old to have a child, if they tell you your eyes are gone because of old age or they tell you there is no hope for you and you believe that your hope is going to begin today, let me hear you shout Jesus.

– He is not just the way out of, the way into, forward, upward, the Way where there is no way, He is the only way to heaven.

In the text John 14:6, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me. No other way.

There will be those who argue with you, they will say there are many ways that lead to heaven, they will be surprised. He made it clear when He was talking about heaven, He said in my Father’s house, there are many mansions and no other prophet has ever said heaven is my father’s house.

If the son of the landlord tells you there is only one way into my father’s house and you say how can you say that there are other ways and we will find the other ways, you will be surprised. The problem is that by the time you discover that you are wrong, it will be too late.

There is a way to go to heaven, He is the only way. Acts 4:12 tells us there is salvation in no other.

There is no other name given whereby man can be saved other than the name of Jesus.

There are ways, one way goes to heaven, the other way goes to hell, He himself told us, narrow is the way that goes to eternal life, broad is the way that goes to hell, he said many will go that way but a few will find their way through that narrow road into eternal life.

That is why I am appealing to you if you are here today and you have not yet hundred percent surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, do so now because nobody knows tomorrow, nobody knows when the end will come, death is not a function of age, it doesn’t wait till you are old, there are some of us here many of our classmates are gone, you don’t have control over tomorrow you do over today, that is why the Bible says today is the day of salvation.

I was lecturing at the University of Lagos, I sat down to write a learned paper, I had spelled out the problems, spelled out how I will solve the problems when all of a sudden I heard from God, Son, write to Chief so and so, tell him I love him in spite of all the evil that he has already done, I am will to forgive him and save his soul, tell him that if he surrenders to Me I will give him a new beginning, quickly I took note, before I said Lord I have heard that name but I don’t know his address, He said no problem, write Chief so and so, the house and town and he will get the letter. I am talking of those days when if you write a letter with the correct address you have to pray before it will arrive in three months.

Three days later, because I wrote in the letter that if you want to know more, send for me but if you think this is a letter from a prophet that wants to eat your money throw it into the basket.

Three days later the driver came and said Chief got your letter, he said don’t come, he will come himself.

He came, I explained to him. He said I am a friend of Jesus, I said no we are not talking about being a friend of Jesus, Jesus is asking you to surrender your life to Him, He is asking you to be His bride, He is coming back for His bride, not his friends, surrender your life to Him, He will give you a new beginning, He said I will think about it. I said okay sir.

For two years, every fourth night I kept on pursuing him, when he sees me coming, he will say ah pastor, at a stage, he will take me to his bedroom, I will explain, answer questions and at the end of the day, he will say I will think about it.

One day he had a stroke, the kind of stroke that will take away the voice but before he collapsed he said call me Pastor Adeboye, I got a phone call, your friend is dying I rushed to the place and I cried to God, Father, give him just one more chance, let him recover so I can give him one more invitation, in less that one hour there was no trace that he was sick, he was completely whole so I said to him, God has given you an opportunity that He doesn’t give to many, will you surrender to Jesus now?

He said I will think about it from that moment onward I never paid him a visit, it wasn’t too long after that, he died.

You are here today Beloveth, somebody asked me yesterday, we found out in the media that you are going to preach in such a place, I said yes, he said we didn’t believe I said you better believe, he said why?

I said God asked me to go and when God asks me to go like that it could be because there is just one fellow who is been given a last chance, you might be the one, I beg you, surrender your life to Jesus Christ now and then you will remember this day for the rest of your life as the day the tide turned.

Those of you who want to surrender to Jesus Christ, don’t let pride hold you back, come now, ask Him to save your soul and be merciful unto you, wash me clean with your blood, write my name in the Book of life.

The rest of us who are sure of our salvation let us pray for them.

– Ask God for a special miracle that will be a memorial miracle and before sunset it will be a testimony.


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