How to become Rich in a Young Age

Wealth acquisition is key in life, everyone strives to get rich through different engagements. There used to be a common myth that one gets rich in the latter part of one’s life, this is a mere fallacy that has been justified in the present generation. People make money as early as their early youthful age. There is difference between making money and being rich; you make money from economic activities, such money is sustainable but when you do not work and your money multiplies in manifolds such that, you have no inkling of parsimony and you attend to your financial obligations without much ado; then, you are called a rich man.

Age is never a barrier to be rich, neither is it a determinant to make money; age is a function of opportunities to make money. The older you are, the more opportunity you have to make money provided you still have the strength to brace up what it takes to make money. However, as we grow to some certain age, our energy reduces and the potential to amass wealth reduces gradually. It is common in Nigeria, where people get old before they become rich; but in western countries, young chaps in their early twenties live a luxurious lifestyle. What have they done within their little age that the Nigerian men have neglected?

Mark Zuckerberg is 32 years old and worth $54.8 billion, the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote worth $12.5 billion and he’s 59 years old. These two men are great and have improved the world economy tremendously. What makes one rich irrespective of the age is nothing but “investment”. You may wonder the correlation between making money at a young age and investment or feel naive as a result of your age and investment. Investment has nothing to do with your age or financial status.

The word “investment” means to sacrifice your comfort for an unseen but assured return; it is often backed with a passionate sense of belief and purpose. Financial investment is the common form of investment and also the presumed best form of investment. However, investing in your time is the best form of investment with inestimable and unfathomable return. Time is the most precious asset you can invest in. When you do the right thing at the right time, everything thing would fall in the right place.

Mark is a university drop out and Dangote is a university graduate, they are both rich but one of greater than the other. Ordinarily, if we didn’t know their net worth, we would have assumed Dangote should be richer by the virtue of his lofty educational carrier but from the reality on ground, it is otherwise. This teaches that your educational carrier or background is never a factor to make you rich but it is an advantage. What you envision and your ability to pursue your dream are what determine how rich you are going to become. Mark took a dicey decision to drop out school and pursue his dream, Dangote chose to finish is degree before delving into the business realm. The both are decisions with varying determination, however, the one that exhibited the higher degree of determination, Mark, is the most successful, this is just how life is.

You can make money from your tender age if your are ready to invest your time in what you believe in, irrespective of the encumbrances that surrounds you. The quest for success and being rich will make you have a dream; your dream is your envisioned result, a dream written in ink becomes a plan; a plan is the framework of your dream, it is the divisible particles of your dream broken down into units. Each unit is a task to be accomplished and a target to be met on a daily basis. You need a focus to keep you going; even when you put a foot wrong forward, your focus encourages you to keep your eyes on the ball.

You invest your time to get equipped for the race of achieving success, in order to make you rich. Learn as wide as possible and also put extra effort to gain a substantial knowledge or skill for your cause. The difference between an ordinary person and an extraordinary person is the” extra”. You can never attain very eminent success by simply doing what is required of you, it is the amount of excellence of what is over and above the required that determines greatness.

After acquiring substantial knowledge or skill on what you believe can make you rich, you need to practice. Most people acquire knowledge or skill but fail to put it to practice, this is very bad and will steadily kill potential. No matter how rough it is, you just need to practice what you’ve learnt because practice brings about perfection in any endeavor. Practicing what you’ve invested your time in will pave ways and expose more opportunities that abounds it. Practicing is a form of preparation, for what? Preparation of an unseen but assured success and glory. Nobody is lucky when they are successful; luck itself, is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

Another thing to do if you want to be rich from your young age after investing is updating and upgrading. You shouldn’t rely solely on the knowledge you’ve invested your time in, you should try to update your knowledge because as time goes, new knowledge and idea about things evolve. Upgrade your existing knowledge, it makes you more relevant. Put it to your practice and evaluate it as your time passes.

The most important character a young millionaire exhibits is persistence. You just have to be persistent, you don’t know how close you are to the success that will change your life for good. Let your focus drives you, be proud of what you’ve spent your judicious time on and try to make the best out of it on a daily basis. Irrespective of the kind or nature of knowledge or skill you’ve invested your time in, persistent is key and a great factor to success, and always remember that success brings money.

Lastly, you need divine intervention to succeed in any endeavors; pray fervently to draw the time of your success closer, pray for sustainable success, pray for the relevance of your venture; with prays anything and everything is achievable. Pray with action equals success. It takes little time to break even when you practice with focus persistently and cap all with prayers.

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