– Dr. Paul Enenche on “Together in Unity” at Early Will I Seek Thee, The Glory Dome.

Psalm 133: 1-3
It is one thing to pray on your own and another to pray in unity. Before now, we had individual quiet times, praying by ourselves but now we come to seek God together, in unity, praying the same points. When such is the case, what happens? What happens when people band together to pursue the same cause, the same purpose?

1. The place of unity is the place of the anointing: There is the flow of the anointing, the release of the burden-destroying, yoke-removing power of God. We expect to connect to a corporate anointing that is stronger than what we would have individually experienced.

2. The place of unity is the place of refreshing: The dew comes on the grass to refresh it and to freshen it up. It is the place of refreshing.

3. It is the place of favour: Dew is likened to favour in the Scriptures. It is the place of Divine Favour.

4. It is the place of the commanded blessing: Blessing in a hurry, blessing under pressure, blessing with a mandate, blessing that the devil cannot deny.

5. It is the place of Divine Life: This means that the quality and dignity of life is enhanced. It also means that the durability of life is enhanced. You are not permitted to be cut short before your time or cut-down anyhow.

So welcome to this place of the anointing, this place of refreshing, this place of Divine Favour, this place of the commanded blessing, this place of Divine Life.

1. Father, thank you for your goodness, mercies and faithfulness towards us. Thank you for the power of the word at the Preservation Service yesterday. To you be all the praise Lord in Jesus name – 1 Thessalonians 1: 5.

2. Father, thank you again for the blessing of a new month. Thank you Lord for every benefit and supply loaded into this month. To you be all the praise Lord in Jesus name – Psalm 68: 19, Mathew 6: 11.

3. Father, thank you for the rain of revival. Overrun our land Lord with a flooding of awakening and awareness and reality of your Almightiness, Lord in Jesus name – Numbers 14: 21, Habakkuk 2:14.

4. Father, baptise us, your children in Dunamis with fresh passion, zeal and energy for labour in order to bring in the multitudes that are ripe for harvest in our harvest field, Lord in Jesus name – Mathew 9: 36-38, John 4: 35-36.

5. Father, build your Church Lord, build Dunamis Lord in this season and let the gates of hell fail in every attempt to prevent or stop the progress and growth of your Church Lord. Father, lay to rest in this season, every evil personality who stands in the way of your Church, Dunamis, Lord in Jesus name – Mathew 16:18, Acts 12: 23-24.


1. Father, in your presence today, I make demands on the anointing for the removal of every burden and the destruction of every yoke on my life, on my family, on my assignment in the name of Jesus.

2. Father, I make demands on refreshing for my life, family, the Church and Nation, in Jesus name. We take authority over every spell of dryness, it is over forever in Jesus name.

3. Father, I make demands on the dew of favour for my life, family, assignment, the Church and the Nation in Jesus name. Every spell of disfavour, rejection, misfortune and closed doors, today is your end in Jesus name.

4. Father, I make demands on the commanded blessing for my life, family, the Church and Nation. Today, we reject every curse on us, we declare they are broke now in Jesus name.

5. Today I apply on the blessing of life, for my life, family, the Church, Dunamis and for our Nation. We shall fulfil our days. Nigeria shall not perish. Every spell or plague of premature death, today you are arrested by the power of the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.

– Everyone that death is looking for you, that death is arrested right now.
– You and your family shall fulfil your days
– None shall be cut-short before time in Jesus name
– Somebody’s favour is multiplying in the name of Jesus.


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