Why are Mega Churches Needed?

We all know that Nigeria is one of the countries in the world with a lot of impactful mega churches and this mega churches are making impact worldwide getting the gospel to thousands of people. We thank God for what he has been doing through this churches and what he is yet to do.

The Bible says “But it is written, Eyes has not seen nor ears heard, neither have it entered into the heart of any man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)”

  • For people to be liberated.
    There are so many things that were not so from the beginning but because of one the fall of man so many things became complicated and hard but God has set up extraction plans on how to save his people that is why he gave liberation mandates to his savants and they are doing all they can to fulfill the task giving to them by God.

    When more people are liberated the church begins to grow.

  • For more people to be added to the body of Christ.
    Jesus loves us so much and he wants us to be joint hairs with him so he wants us to reach out to many people as much as possible so that the body of Christ can grow. By telling people about the gospel it is like we are giving them a warning but if we don’t do that, they will die and God will hold us accountable but when we warn them, we have saved our soul and their souls too. (Ezekiel 3: 20-21).
    By doing so, so many people will be drawn to Christ and hell will be depopulated.

  • People are panting after God.
    In the world today so many things are going on but the only escaperoute is being saved and remaining in Christ. Before, not so many people know this but now they know and they have to come to God. The Bible says the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are safe. ( Proverbs 18:10)

    In this last days God is the only one that can guarantee your protection.  There is need for mega churches when multitude are trouping into the church, millions of people worldwide go to church on Sundays and on weekly services, no invitation, no one is forcing them, but they are going because their heart is there, just wanting more of him because he is the only way out for the world now and there are proves with testimonies that it is only God that can save in this last days.

  • There is a move of the revival.
    There is a revival move going on now in the world, God is about to do something and you can’t afford to miss it. When a revival takes place, it takes a while before it happens again. Just like the Azuza street revival since then there have not been another revival of Its kind that shook the world that way in history but now there is a feeling of a greater revival coming.

    God is raising up men standing in place of Armies, men that will not break their ranks and they will always work in their office.
    “they shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and the shall march everyone on his ways, and they shall not BREAK their ranks: (Joel 2:7)”
    you can’t miss out on this because if you miss it you might not get it ever again.

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