The History of Dunamis International Gospel Center


On May 28, 1996, in the small town of Jos, Nigeria, a young doctor was at a crossroads of his life. He could relocate to London to be with his beautiful wife, also a doctor; he could visit a prestigious university abroad to step up his medical qualification; or, if he wanted to stay in Nigeria, he had two attractive medical appointments open.

However, he was restless, and decided to take some time to seek God’s Face to lead him from the crossroads. He journeyed to a mountain on the outskirts of Jos to be with God.
At the end of three days of little water and no food, he came down from the mountain with a clear vision of exactly what he was to do with his life. He had been asked to put aside his medical certificate, go to the city of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and start a gospel outreach that would be characterized by a heavy presence of God to heal, save, and deliver people and restore human destiny and dignity.

When he got home, his young wife had been fasting and praying for her husband while nursing their infant child. The Spirit of God told her exactly what He had told her husband, thus confirming the call.

Dr Paul Enenche, upon God’s divine instruction, named his ministry Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

In Act 1:8 the word Dunamis is a greek word for Power. It means miraculous power and intense ability. Dunamis is a power that reproduces itself without diminishing in intensity.

The ministry has a mission to manifest the Almightiness of God’s power to our generation by the restoration of human destiny and dignity.
Many have heard the gospel but need to see God in action, therefore we celebrate the power and presence of God demonstrated in the lives of His children, through the very many signs and wonders in our meeting.

We want to fill the earth with divine influence and our goal is to have every member of this Commission filled with God evident power to save, heal and lift people up everywhere they are found.

This is the basis for the convention that the church organizes each May. The Annual Destiny Recovery Convention has always been characterized by God’s presence and ability to set people free and help them through the many crossroads of life.

In November of 1996, six months after the call, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche and his wife, Dr Becky Enenche, left every plan they had made for their lives and moved to Abuja, they knew no one there, but obeying the Lord was paramount to them.


Dunamis International Gospel Centre was established on November 10, 1996. The first Sunday service was held at Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture, First Floor, Area 10. Church service was held there for two weeks before the church moved to Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers, where worship took place for about 6 months. The church moved to her present site in June of 1997, less than a year after the ministry started.

Dunamis International Gospel Center now has outreaches established around Africa and other Countries around the world.

The ministry is now one of the greatest in Nigeria.

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