IMFFC 2021, Worship, Word and Wonders Night.

*Americans can’t believe that.

They believe they should do it. They don’t have that type of faith yet.*I wrote down 20 things of why Nigeria and Glory Dome is in a revival.

*A man can be a Governor and a woman can be a spiritual Governor too.

*All over the world today, there are vacant seats waiting for the person to show up and start ruling that city for Christ.


The next one I am going to talk about is a woman.

I like women, do you?

That’s a question, only one person said Yes.

Do we all like women?

If you don’t like women, if you don’t like women preachers, you got a problem.

God likes women and He likes women preachers. 

A woman can do anything a man can do if God told her to do it.

I noticed when I say that, few men clap. What is wrong with you men?
 If you don’t support your women folk, nobody else will.

 Support them, defend them, give them money…slowly they clap. Hallelujah.

Some of the greatest preachers were women.

Aimee Semple McPherson was the spiritual Governor of Los Angeles.

She was married a couple of times, she was also good looking because early Pentecostals were ugly.

They couldn’t wear makeup, they couldn’t cut their hair. 

They couldn’t wear nothing, they wore just plain, ugly clothes until Aimee showed up. 

The men could look like a million dollars but their wives were just…Aimee McPherson was from Canada, her mother was part of the Salvation Army like Smith Wigglesworth was.

Smith Wigglesworth begins ministry as a children worker in the Salvation Army.

Most of you don’t know that.

 That’s where he met his wife, in a Salvation Army meeting. In those days, the Salvation Army was a revival people and Wigglesworth was in it.

Aimee’s mother had married, she was like 20 years old, her husband was 57 years old.

So there was a big gap. 
They had one child and it was a girl named Aimee.
Aimee grew up with the fire of the Salvation Army.

She heard in town that there were some people who breathe fire and rolled in dirt and she wanted to go see the fire breathing people that rolled in the dirt. 

That was the way it was talked about around town.

She goes in a bit and an Evangelist who was spirit filled, used to be in the Salvation Army, Robert Semple was preaching. 

She was a little nervous because they raised their hands and she wasn’t used to that. 

The Army didn’t do that. But she thought they were fun to watch. What she did like, she thought the Preacher was handsome, that was why she came back the next night, she came back to look at him again. 
Long story short, they get married.

She loved being the travelling Evangelist wife.

All the drama, dramatics, new things, she loved it. 
He taught her the Bible.

I have seen her Bible in those days. It is full of colour, as they were reading the Bible, she colour coded what scriptures meant.

Then God speaks to them, “Go to the Mission field, go to China.”So they go to the…Island of China and he dies while she is pregnant with her 1st child. 
Her husband got malaria and all that goes with it and he dies. She is pregnant in China, perhaps by herself with no money.
 The mum had to raise the money to buy the boat ticket, she finally got enough and she goes back to Canada, thinking “I am done, my husband is dead, my ministry is over because my ministry was because of him, because I have a child.” 

And God kept saying, “preach for me!!!” She kept telling God ‘No’It is amazing that God can speak to you and your fear, tradition becomes louder in you than the Word of the Lord to you.

Finally she got desperately sick and was going to die and says, “I will preach if You want me to” and God heals her in that moment.

She gets up and she is not famous plus she is a woman because in those days, women didn’t have a lot of success in Ministry.
 It was a man’s job, so she had to build her crowd. 
At lunch time, when she is in a city preaching, there would be nobody for the lunch meeting, so she goes down to the sinner part of the City and stand on the most popular street corner. 
People walking would say, “what are you doing?” She would keep quiet and she would let the crowd get big enough then she would scream.

I would ‘tell’ya’, follow me, she would run down the street into the building she rented, jumped on stage… “I am looking for the Kingdom, you should too.” That was how Aimee started her ministry.
You don’t have to be famous, you just have to have guts and no shame.
This is a woman who is breaking Pentecostal rules but nobody can stop her. 

They didn’t like her because she was a woman and she wore makeup because back then, the more ugly you are, the holy you are. “Don’t wear make up, Don’t cut your hair”:
 It all came from the holiness revival as it was dying.
She would cut her hair, put make up on and a lipstick, go out and preach and have 5,000 saved and healed. 
The men couldn’t understand why God was helping her when she was Jezebel like. 

That was the way she looked.They asked her one time, “why do you wear make up?”
Aimee:… When you paint it, it looks good, doesn’t it. That’s why I wear makeup. Because I put my paint on and I look good for Jesus.

I thank God that Aimee did that so all the women we are dating, the ones that we married look nice. 
If not, you would have to marry an ugly woman to be a Pentecostal.
Aimee had 2 children because she marries again.

The American brain does not understand this, I am preaching at 1 am in the morning, that doesn’t work in America. 
Works in Nigeria revivals. All my American friends that are watching us from around the world, you all need to come here and be baptized the right way. Only in revival service, can the 2 extremes get along very well.
 You are experiencing, you probably don’t know what it is. I wrote down 20 things of why Nigeria and Glory Dome is in a revival. 
As soon as I get home, they are going to ask me two things:
1. First, is the Church really that big? 
Because Americans can’t believe that. They believe they should do it. They don’t have that type of faith yet. 
Plus American people are about sleeping right now and we need Africans to come to my country with your fire, with your prayer power, your joy and help us win America again.
 Come and help us. 
We helped you years ago, it’s time for the harvest of Africa to come to my country and help save America again.
Aimee goes to Los Angeles.
 Los Angeles was 250,000 people at that time. 
She built a Church which seats 6400 people.
 She would preach when her Church opened 21 times a week. 3 services a day, every week for 6 months. 8000 conversions, 1500 baptism in water that she did personally and others helped her.
 After 6 months, she was tired and she allowed others to come and help preach at the Services. 

She had 25,000 people at her Church. For you that means nothing, for us back then it was a big deal: a woman wearing makeup that speaks in tongue is a Pastor.

She had a tenth of the people of the people living in LA in her Church. 
She could fill it in 15 minutes and empty it in 15 minutes and do 3 services. Hollywood would come to see what Aimee would do in her Services. 
They would sit and spy, watch the design of the stage. 
She was helping the movie industry.
 She becomes the most popular preacher not just in America but in the world. A woman with makeup, with earrings.

Wherever she was going, her name would be above the name of the Newspaper because her name made people buy Newspaper more than the name of the Newspaper. 
She was that famous. Her ministry was doing good.
There was this time military men were in her Service, she was trying to figure out what to do and the Lord said, “dress like a policewoman, ride your motorcycle down the ramp, blow your whistle and stop. 
They are all going down.”That was how she started. That night hundreds of the Military men came to the altar with a woman that looked like a Policewoman that blew the whistle and told them how to get saved.

She would build the 1st Christian radio station in America, the 3rd radio station in LA.

Her radio station had so much volume on it when they turned her on, it made the other two lose power and they tried to take her radio power away from her. She goes to court and says, “you cannot tell God to be quiet.” So they let her be.
Aimee had what we call stretcher day in the auditorium. 
She had a special service for people that were more serious. She had a rule, she laid hands on people like Oral Roberts, she would remove until she felt the flow stopped.
 If it is flowing, it means you have to get walking.
In Los Angeles, she was more popular than the movie stars. 
She goes to the beach to swim and prepare her sermons. While she is at the beach with her Secretary. 
Aimee was very athletic, “If you don’t have a strong body, you can’t obey the call of God.”
She goes to the beach, to prepare her sermon, her Secretary had done to get her orange juice, Aimee was going to head to the Ocean to swim one more time before going back home, preparing for service and a guy walked up to her:
You are Aimee McPherson. 
The guy says, “my baby is dying, will you come and pray for her because we don’t want our baby to die.”

Aimee McPherson had just been kidnapped. 
Can you believe, famous preacher gets kidnapped. 
Billy Graham wasn’t kidnapped, but she was kidnapped. 
They thought she had died in the ocean and drowned because they couldn’t find her body. 
They declared Aimee dead, her body was lost at sea. 
She was taken to old Mexico by kidnappers and the kidnappers began to send ransom notes to the Church. 

Her mother takes the Church, takes lead of her grandchildren.
 It was a tough time, they had her funeral. 
The Church mourned her death, they thought she was dead.
She was in old Mexico, tied up for weeks. One day, she came to, she found a little can that was opened and used it like a saw, breaks the rope free and climbs out of the window, walks through the Mexican desert into Arizona.
 She walks up to the first house, nobody answered her and she was about to collapse.
 Goes to the second house and collapses as the guy opens the door. 
He calls the Police, they were only 2 in that small town. 
The only bit that happened in that town was Aimee showed up. 
It is that bit of fame many years later. The Chief of Police sits in a room until she comes to. Finally she comes to.

“Who are you?” She mumbles her name.No, she is dead. Everybody knows she is dead.
“No, I am Sister Aimee, call this number, my home number.”
So the Chief of Police called the number and her mother answers the phone.Chief of Police: Is this Mrs Kennedy, I have a woman that says she is your daughter.
Her Mum: No, would you people leave us alone, you are torturing me with the kids.

The press had been pushy and she thought it was all jokes. 
She would get the kidnappers ransom notes and throw it out with the trash. 

Aimee tells her mother a family secret and the revelation hits, Aimee is alive.

The Newspaper headline: Like Jesus Christ, Aimee back from the dead.
When she came home, 50,000 people met her to welcome her.

Aimee continued, she was the spiritual Governor of LA.
 When she was alive, she fed more people than the United States Government then in Los Angeles. 
She raised more money for the war than all the movie stars combined together.A Governor governs spiritually and naturally.

Till this day, her Church still works, feeds the poor, has thousands in it.I told you these 2 stories to show that a man can be a Governor and a woman can be a spiritual Governor too.

Not everybody will be a Governor but some of you will be.
 If God has called that to be in your life, prepare for it physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, relationally, because when you govern, you live a lifetime of conflict. 
The only peace you have is what is in your heart and by the dominion you have around you because the war will continue.

All over the world today, there are vacant seats waiting for the person to show up and start ruling that city for Christ.
In this vast auditorium tonight, I pray for you tonight, for the men and women who God may choose to govern. I pray that the wrong people get out of your life.-I decree the right people to come into your life.

I pray over you all the courage and the boldness.-I declare over you prosperity of your soul, that you will be happy in the midst of conflict, joy in the midst of battle.I pray for your families to stay strong with you. 

I pray for your marriage to be strong, for your children to be strong.I pray that Nigeria shall continue to lead in revival and not fail in Jesus name.







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