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Nigeria has become the leading revival nation at this time, God is doing something in Nigeria and Africa. It is time for everyone to give their life, have the anointing, have fun. 

I had back surgery three years ago and the back surgery was successful but it left me with discomforting pain in the lower part of my back, my doctor always gives me pain pills so he gave me a set to come here and when I landed the first night I was in no pain and ever since I have been here, the pain has gone. 

Praise God My second miracle is an African voice, I want one that can scream like you have it. Pray that the African voice will come to me.
Most of the great leaders that have led us for decades have now graduated to heaven. 
Oral Roberts went to heaven, Kenneth Hagin went to heaven, they fulfilled their earthly days and came to the day of their graduation. 
Kenneth Hagin used to say one day, I will be satisfied with my life and I will be on the other side, he was having breakfast, he looked at his wife, smiled and took off, that was how he went to heaven. 

When someone goes to heaven, the natural course takes place, he was dying of heart disease, his heart was beating after two days, the part that was healed didn’t know how to stop, to me that is a great miracle, a man that was dying of heart disease, the heart didn’t know how to stop after he had gone to heaven for two days. 
These people all graduate and when they do there comes vacancy of leadership, spiritual government and influencers that must be picked up by the next generation.
 It is no longer us looking to them, we are now the people that must lead in their place.
 In Nigeria, Archbishop Benson Idahosa is one of the Great Generals of Nigeria, Africa and the world.
 I had the privilege of preaching with him in America, he was a powerful man, a commanding man, I had the privilege of sitting at the dinner table and I was the youngest guy in the room, I was just happy to be in the room and listen to these people talk. 
Oral Roberts used to say, one day I will be gone and it will be up to you, I didn’t know what that meant but that is what happened. 
The Great Leaders have graduated to heaven now, you and I are to pick up the seed of authority that had been occupied by these men and women today. All over Africa, America, Europe and other places, there are vacant spaces in the Spiritual realm that God is waiting for somebody to stand up and take. Acts 8, said there was joy in the City, unless the righteous rules, there is no joy in the City.
I want to tell you about two spiritual governors, John Alexander Dowie and Aimee Semple Mcpherson  Dowie was from the United Kingdom, ended up in Chicago, he went to the world’s fare at that time, so he can preach the healing the Ministry, they wouldn’t let him the fare so he bought a little hut in the entrance of the fare and had his meetings when that was over, God said stay here, don’t leave, this is your new home and this is your city. When he began to do miracles, his church became a big church in Chicago, he became a spiritual governor of that city, you could not get into the political office unless Dowie approves of you. He had the influence of the population, the citizens and the political power didn’t like the Spiritual power over them so they tried to fight him, took away his mailing privileges, they arrested him a hundred times in one year, they said he was practicing medicine without a license because he was praying for people and they were getting healed. 
Dowie will not stop doing it so they will come with a police van on Sunday, wait for him outside, arrest him and take him to jail, charge him, fine him he won’t pay, he will stay there a day or two and go back to do the same. 
He hired lawyers not to represent him but to teach him American laws while he goes to court to fight, he got into the American court and changed the American law that you can pray for the sick and not be arrested, we still have that privilege today and it came about because of the Spiritual Governor in Chicago. 
Spiritual Governors deal with the quality of the Gospel, they deal with the spread of the Gospel and confronting social ills and principalities. 
Dowie ruled in that city, everyone that fought him either died or was moved to a small strange state out of Chicago. God protects the Governors that govern into what is right. 
He went to Washington DC to fight the postal services for his right to mail, while he was there, our President wanted to see him, Dowie goes to the White House and President McKinley welcomes him. 
Dowie prophesied, your life is in danger sir, your security is not right, if you don’t fix it, tragedy is coming to you. They thought he was a crazy preacher, Mr. McKinley becomes one of the few presidents that gets shut in American history. 
He could have lived if he had listened to the Spiritual Governor called Dowie in Chicago but instead we had a dead President and a living Apostle. He was so good at governing that every time he made an announcement, it gets to the papers. 
One afternoon he read in a paper that a man was being put to death because of his crimes and the man’s last words was ‘I didn’t have a chance to get right’ it so hurt Dowie’s heart that he begins to ask, how can we make sure in Chicago, everybody knows how to finds Jesus. 
He organized a group and sends them out to every house in Chicago in those years was talked to by one of his church members, they told them how to get saved, an invitation of the Church was given so nobody could ever say again, they didn’t have a chance. 
A governor has the responsibility that salvation is passed to the citizens in his territory. 
Dowie made a mistake, he got tired of fighting all those people, principalities and he got an idea, let us build a city, he dresses up so nobody will recognize him, goes forty miles North of Chicago, and starts buying hundreds of acres of land, he announced that he was going to open a city called Zion. He did, it got close to thirty thousand citizens in it, it was a place where your soul will be blessed and if you didn’t like his rules, you could leave. 
At lunchtime, the whistle would blow and the whole town will stop and go on their knees and pray. 
There was only one church, his, one newspaper his, he had it all. 
I love the story that he built a city, over a hundred and fifty early pentecostal pioneers will be trained in the healing ministry of Mr . Dowie. 
Dowie’s healing ministry was closed, he would slap things off people,  the first miracle he did in America was in front of the press in San Francisco, they made a headline, ‘an Australian Healer has come’  people lined up to see Dowie, he was in the hotel with the newspaper, he believed in those days that if you weren’t saved you don’t have a right to be healed, he wouldn’t pray for you unless you’re a Christian. 
Please don’t follow him that way, so a Christian came, a Lady, the newspaper reports that she had a goiter on her neck, he realized the press guys are there, he doesn’t mind the press guys watching he had the confidence and boldness. He said, you’re a Christian, you have the right to be healed, he stood up, walks over and slaps it and it rolls on the floor off the lady’s neck with perfect skin. 
He goes over, picks it up and said that is what Jesus does to the press, that was his first miracle in America and his Church was as big, his ministry for healing was so famous that people came from everywhere.
 In his church there were special ushers that will bring a special kind of Plastic clothes and roll it out across the whole front of the Church, once that was done, he will call all those sick, he and the Elders will pray. 
Why did they put all those things on the floor because when they start to pray, stuff falls off and comes out and they didn’t want to hurt their carpet so they had special clothes for all the stuff that will fall out and when they are done they will sing two songs to roll the clothes then burn it after church, that was the ushers job, to roll it out. 
I would like to see that before I die, 
Dowie’s mistake came because he should have never build a city, he was given the Spiritual Government in Chicago but he got tired of the war. 
He built a city, had enough influence that people followed him.
 You have to know how to use your anointing and influence to go the right way because you can take people down a good-looking way that may be the right way.
 Dowie was not called to build a city, he was called to rule Chicago but he got tired of the fight. 
It was impressive to build a city but that was the beginning of his mistakes, he would die after having a stroke, he was in a wheelchair, on his death bed, they brought the sick to him and they will pick his hands, lay them on the sick and he will be healed. 
We have to stay great governors in the position God gives us. 
When Dowie died, Chicago had never had that much spiritual renewal since that time.
 In Chicago’s history, after Dowie’s death, the gangsters came in and took over the city and till this day, corruption rules in Chicag o as an accepted cultural force, why? 
Because Dowie left his seat of authority. 
I tell you this story so you remember it in your life, there are governors here, you cannot let your fame, money, influence to give you the idea that you can do what you want, when you want, the higher you go the less of you exist. 
The higher you go, the less your ambitions must not live.
We owe Dowie all of our healing doctrines in the Pentecostal Church. In his City, John G. Lake and F. F. Bosworth were citizens. 
I love Dowie, I spent many days in his city researching his life, he had a tremendous ministry but a sad ending.
 It is not how you start that really counts, it’s how you end that says the statement of your life. 
All of us have things that we have overcome, things that we have to walk through and end well. 
He decorated his church with all the crutches and things people left after they were healed, I think that is cool I will like to see that.
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