Oral Roberts raised 1.5Billion Dollar for the Gospel – Roberts Liardon



– Dr. Roberts Liardon, Author of God’s Generals at Dunamis International Gospel Centre IMFFC 2021 Day Four, Morning Session.

When she finished her miracle service, she would stand and wait till it’s the perfect time and she gave the altar call.

All she would say is “If you want Jesus, come!” and people from all over will run to receive the Jesus that they saw that night.

Without saying a word the drawing power of the Spirit will begin to pull people to get saved.

After the service she wasn’t tired, she said why would I be tired? I have only stood for four hours and directed traffic. I am not tired.

I lived around Oral Roberts and his wife Evelyn while I was a little boy, that’s why my name is Roberts he named me while I was a little boy because my parents were part of the first set of students in the school and my parents gave birth to me as the first boy any student was having. I grew up in an open heaven in Tulsa and I didn’t know what a closed heaven was.

My family has been friends with Oral Roberts’ family for three generations. My grandparents worked with him, my parents worked with him and I worked with him and his son.

Because I have been running around his house in diapers, I didn’t know who he was, I just thought he was Oral Roberts.

As I grew older I found out who he was and what he did, read most of his books and listened to his sermons.

So when I started pastoring and evangelizing I wanted to see Brother Roberts more.

Oral Roberts had a unique healing gift in his right hand. His left hand had nothing, it was just a hand.

Many preachers will come to Oral Roberts’ hand and argue about the operation of the gift.

I learned early that when you are with great people, just shut up and cooperate with them.

Your head may not get it, your theology may not get it but if they go this way, you go too.

So when I went to Oral Roberts’ house I would always stay near the right hand. So if it started vibrating it would hit me first. Grandma told me the first hit is the best hit.

Brother Roberts was a very good man, he and Billy Graham defined Christianity from the year 1950 to 2000.

Oral Roberts was a very humble man, guys that act stupid are the ones trying to be great that won’t pay the price to be great.

Loudness is not power, cripples walking is power.

You could ask Brother Roberts a question and he would say “I don’t know, what do you think about it?”, That was maturity.

One day I asked Oral Roberts because he was known as the prosperity preacher, “How much money have you raised in your lifetime for the gospel”. He said “I can’t tell you, you can’t handle the ffigure” and I kept pressuring him to tell me, and he said “I have raised 1.5 billion dollars for Jesus”.

His parents were dirt poor Pentecostals. Oral Roberts did not want to be a preacher because he didn’t want to be poor. His goal in life was to be the governor of Oklahoma but God turned him around and he became a governor of the gospel.

Oral Roberts died in his early 90’s. he had fallen and hurt his back and was in the hospital when he told his family, “I am living today”.

Oral and his kids sang the song of his youth and somewhere along he fell asleep never to wake again.

That is how you die – praising God that you finished your course.

The God of my youth lives in Africa, He doesn’t live in my country anymore.

The sound of your prayers, the way you sing your songs – they are not there doing a concert, they are delivering their souls to the most high God.

That is the God I grew up with.

Today, I live in a great nation with a great need. We have not produced an Oral Roberts, we have not produced another Kathryn Kuhlman.

We hope that in the next ten years we will have somebody of that stature showing up on the American scene again.


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