5 Reasons why you should NEVER miss Church Service



Praise the name of the Lord both from now and forever, Amen!

Today, I want to discuss something that is very important for every child of God, every Christian across the world, after you gave your life to JESUS CHRIST and you received him as your Lord and savior, the next thing is for you to begin to grow in your knowledge of the Truth, this is very paramount to your spiritual growth and development, just as the bible says, that as young baby, desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow (1 Peter 2:2). The authorized system that God as designed and established for your growth and development spiritually is the church.

You cannot stay on your own and know the word of God, there is a necessity to appear before the Lord in Zion,  so as to learn the ways of God, also to make friends of God’s children, when you give your life to Christ and do away with your old ways, you must also do away with your old friends, so as not to go back to the world, it is not enough to be save, you must be establish in the faith, rooted and grounded in the word of God, so that you will not fall into temptation and traps of the devil, I pray that God will strengthen you in Jesus name.’

Here are 5 Reasons You should Not miss Church Service;


  • You Enjoy Divine Presence: There is a divine presence of God that is domicile in Church, it comes as the service is going on, and it comes stronger during the worship session and also during the word. The Lord God himself is present in Zion, and that is why we gather before him, it is just like when you go to a fuel station to buy more fuel for your vehicle, there is a divine presence that is ingested into our spirit when we come before the Lord, It impacts us with unusual strength and divine energy, this presence is the secret behind many mighty miracles that happens in crusades, church services, the bible talks about in Psalm 114: 3, “The sea saw it and fled, Jordan was driven back” and verse 7 says “Tremble thou earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob”. So the mighty presence of God is able to make your troubles and affliction to flee away, sickness, oppression, and affliction cannot stand that mighty presence, this is the reason the devil always want to keep people away from the presence of God.  That presence is also the mystery behind answers to prayers, it is an access to a more tangible presence of God, which enhances answers to your prayer, that is why many people do share mind blowing testimonies in Church, because the God in Zion is very powerful and he is able to do all things, especially when we believe him and worship him in spirit and in truth. Lastly, the presence of God in Church is a symbol of angelic operation, the reason why we feel such a tangible presence is because angels are everywhere in Zion, the bible says, Ye are come to mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels (Hebrews 12:22). So the presence angels is in Zion, and they are meant to do you good, they take the prayers of the saints to heaven, they are activated for miracles, signs and wonders, they do the impossible and make healing available, they deliver the oppress and also go on mission to accomplish the desires of the saints and the decrees of the prophets and servants of God upon the lives and destiny of the people of God. This is what you miss when you fail to appear before the Lord in Zion, it is possible that you enjoy a dimension of God’s presence at home, but there is a higher and deeper one in Zion, which can impact your spirit, soul and body.
  • You Access Divine Secrets of God: This is another major benefits of coming before the Lord in Zion, the secrets of God are made known unto you, God have secrets which are kept and sealed in his word, but as the teaching and preaching is going on in Church, these mysteries are revealed by the Holy Spirit, and they are meant for the transformation and liberation of the lives and destiny of God’s People. For example, someone came to church one day, and heard the word of God, which opened him to the revelation of the power of Faith by the spoken word, he started declaring what he want in response to the word of God he has heard, and everything change in his life, he started declaring his prosperity, even when he was still very poor, but he discover the bible says, that you shall have what you say, his understanding came alive and that was how he was able to subdue the forces of darkness on his life. There is a testimony of a woman who came to church with the intention of meeting with the Pastor after the service for prayers, because she has not been able to conceive since she got married, but while the preaching was going on, the Pastor quoted Genesis 1:28,  “Be fruitful and multiply”, then he proceed and explain that, it means, when you see your rat, chicken, goat in your house producing new babies, they are also obeying this commandment from God, if they could obey it, then no devil can hinder your fruitfulness; then this revelation occurred to the woman that, she do see rats in her house increasing, no matter how much she tries to kill them, they still give birth to new babies, then said, she doesn’t need to see the pastor again, if no devil could stop those animals from giving birth, then nothing can stop her from having her baby, that was it! Her FAITH came alive and she took the delivery of the testimony, she came a year after with her baby in her hand, to Jesus be the Glory! This is the power of revelation and mystery in ZION, you don’t get this kind of dominion elsewhere but only in Church.
  • You Access Divine Provision and Supply: Do you know that Church is a platform of divine provision? Yes! God is in Zion, and no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly, the church is a place where you are taught how to walk in divine supply, prosperity and abundance, God is the source of all things, you cannot be serving God and be in perpetual poverty, lack and want, it is not the will of God for your life, but there are principles that opens you up to divine provision and supplies from above. For example, if you are not a tither, you cannot get the blessings of God; it is in church that you are taught to serve God as a medium to connect with the blessings of God, according to the book of Exodus 23:25.  Also in Psalm 20: 1 – 4 talks about the blessedness of going to Zion, we saw how that it is a source of help, God promised to send you help from the sanctuary and to strengthen you from Zion, verse 4 also talk about how he grants your heart desires and fulfill thy counsel, these are all blessings of going before the Lord in Zion, they are numerous blessings that abound when you come before God.  That is why you must fight every force that wants to hinder you from coming to God’s presence; it will affect and deny you of your blessings.
  • You are Establish in the fear of God : This is one of the greatest and important part of your Christian adventure on earth, when you give your life to Jesus Christ and accept him as your Lord and savior, you are not allowed to live your life anyhow again, you are meant to live by the dictates of the word of God, the standard of God becomes your guideline and you must be established in the fear of God, this is so paramount, you cannot live anyhow you want, this is the missing link in the life of many children of GOD across the world today, many people cannot even claim their identity as a Christian in their workplace or neighborhood, because their life style does not look like that of a Christian. This is not the father’s will, your lifestyle is meant and suppose to bring and compel people to God, they should see you and desire to serve your God, the first time believers were referred to as Christian was in Antioch, they were referred to as Christ-like, because their lifestyle and attitude was like that of Jesus Christ (Acts 11:26). Even though you are born again, if you don’t fellowship with the brethren and hear the word of God in church, your mind will not be regenerated, infact, you will soon go back to the world and your old ways. This is why many Christians misbehave and does not even look like they have been with Christ, even when you are derailing, it is in Church you can hear the word of God that will reconnect and reconcile you back to God, but when you are far from Church, how do you connect back to God? May God give you the Grace to always come to Church in Jesus name.
  • You Overcome the Devil : This is a powerful dimension of the experience that takes place on mount Zion, this is where we conquer, defeat and destroy Satan fully, the Bible says in Obadiah 1:17 Upon mount Zion, there shall be Holiness and Deliverance and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and he shed his blood for us to redeem us from the power of Sin and Death, now that we have received him, this reality is activated in us, by his spirit, by the word and by the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary, because the bi ble says, they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony (Revelations 12:11). So we have victory and dominion over the devil by the blood of Jesus that was shed for us, but many of these things you cannot know them or activate them, until you come to Zion, that is why it is been activated. There has been so many testimonies of people coming to our church and they encountered the power of God, they were healed in their body, a particular siege of the devil was destroyed as they hear the word of God, because the light shines in darkness and darkness could not comprehend it (John 1:5), so the light of God’s word in Zion, always destroy and shatter the works of darkness in the lives of God’s people, Amen! I remember a testimony from a prophet of God in Nigeria, Pastor Adeboye of RCCG, he talked about how they were having a service and all of a sudden, he declared to the people that there is someone here, you have a tumour on your cheek, right now, the power of God is reaching you and the tumor as disappeared, and that was it! The tumor was nowhere to be found, God healed the man completely, the person sitting next to him, was so baffled and astonished at what God as done that she left the church walking home, she has gotten some miles away before she remember that her car is still parked in the church, the testimony was too mind blowing! These testimonies are just to prove to you that God does mighty things in Church, when we gather together before him to experience his power and glory, the works of the devil is been destroyed and the people of God is set free, let’s look at one more scriptures, to confirm and validate this; The bible says, Jesus Christ was preaching and the Power of God was present to heal them all(Luke 5:17), so many people who were sick were under the teaching of Jesus in his days and as he was preaching, the power of God was made manifest to heal all the people that were oppressed of the devil.

Let this understanding be in you when next you are going to church, God is in Zion and he does mighty and miraculous things, above all; ensure you go to a bible believing Church, don’t go to any church anyhow, may the Grace of the Lord be with you forever in Jesus name.

Written by Pastor Matthew.

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