Story 1
– Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG The Americas 25th Annual Convention Tagged ‘A New Beginning’ (Day 3 Evening Session Festival of Life)

Several years ago, a woman was pregnant with a baby and then the baby died in the womb and the doctor said we have to evacuate and she said to them, our convention is near, let me return from the convention before you do what you want to do.

They said to her if we wait till then, the baby in your womb will die and the poison will kill you, she said, it is my choice.

She came to the Convention, the first day nothing happened, second nothing happened, on the third day of the convention as I was about to minister, the Power of God came heavy on me and I couldn’t stand, I asked for a chair and as I was about to sit down, the Lord spoke and said, there is someone here, the baby in your womb has been dead for over a week now but the baby is coming back to life and suddenly the baby jumped back to life.

There are some people here today who will remember this day

At 6:00 pm today, I went to pray with the pastors and suddenly the power came again. I am sitting tonight because it is not that somebody is pregnant with a baby but the destiny of someone had been dead but it is coming back tonight, we will hear your testimony.


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