My Relationship Journal 25,

Part 1.

Single parents are individuals who are either unmarried, widowed or divorced with children. The child/ren may have been from or out of wedlock. These are a few wisdom tips to guide them:

1. Avoid self -condemnation:

Whatever may have happened to make you a single parent should not cause you to condemn or belittle yourself. While there might be lessons to learn from your experience, it should not be the yardstick with which you judge yourself.

2. Do not be bitter:

It’s easy to hold grudges especially when your situation is caused by a bitter divorce, jilted partner or abandoned pregnancy. Forgive and leave room in your heart for love.

3. Reflect and introspect:

Every cloud has a silver lining. Rather than see your experience as the end of the world, pick out the lessons you can learn and build yourself.

4. Manage your emotions:

You are human and as such will still yearn for love and attention. However, do not make yourself vulnerable to predators who may want to take advantage of you.

5. Get Financial wisdom:

You need to hone your financial skills; learn how to budget and maximize your available finances.

Blessings Always.


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