Happy Birthday Revd Tom

Who has done this to our New Generation Young pastors?

He has served pastor Chris for 35 Years, 35 Years o.
Of loyalty dedication and service.
Revd Tom Amenkhienan Of Christ Embassy.
You want to make it in a hurry that’s why you will end up empty handed.
You want to get it quick because of what the person you are following has that’s why you will miss it.
You want to gather it fast; that’s why it always scatters in a rush.
Can you ever show me any great man who didnt serve?
You want present enjoyment that’s why you dont see the Glory of the latter house which will be greater than the former.

Some of you who are struggling with Ministry today was actually destined to serve not lead.
Small church that is helping you small small you want to use greed and what is happening in other peoples lives to bankrupt them with your everyday demands.
Small assignment given to you, you want to use your personal pleasure to destroy it
Go back to who you offended with brokenness, apologise to them and continue to serve.

God bless you.

Happy Birthday Revd Tom

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