-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

* God said to me in 1977, “the harder you follow Me, the higher you fly”.
* You can’t emerge an Olympic medalist without hard work.
* If you belong to a winning team, the losing team will keep insulting your members.
* The mockers won’t cease, so stay on.
* Negative opinions won’t end, stay on.
* Your victory is in your mouth, don’t sit down with a closed mouth and let the devil ride on you.
* Open your mouth wide when challenged and God will fill it.

Lord Jesus, thank You for another brand-new day.
Thank You for the last day of this week. You always reserve the best for the last.

Let Today be the best of the days of this great week in the name of Jesus. Let every step taken today be forward. Let every prayer prayed today be answered. Let every soul invited to Church today appear tomorrow.
Let every soul prayed for today receive answers.
Thank You Father, in Jesus precious name.
Now speak to us and let Your name be glorified, in Jesus precious name.


Turnaround in the Kingdom is a product of obedience of faith: whatever He tells you to do, do it and then you emerge a Turnaround Candidate. Not just do it, keep doing it. It is in ‘keep doing it’, that your Turnaround emerges.

“Some withdrew, but I stayed on. They couldn’t stand, they were in a hurry to see the changes, the changes were not forthcoming, ‘let me go, abeg!’ They left one by one, but I stayed on and no sooner than they left, my 1st breakthrough came. The 2nd one came, the 3rd one came. I am amazed” (documented testimony).

Be not weary in well-doing, you shall reap it in due season if you faint not – Galatians 6:9.

When you stop filling your cloud before it is full, it turns into vapour and disappears. When you come back, you start filling it afresh.

Stay on, it is the rule of the game. Stay on, keep filling the cloud, when it is heavier than what the atmosphere can hold, it will be turned to rain.

You go away, it vapourises.

You come back, you start from the beginning. You have loaded to 2 kg perhaps and it will only turn to rain at 2.1 (kg).

You turn back at 2.1, it vapourises. You come back to start from zero kg and start moving on.

You may decide to turn back at 1. 8 kg, you go back, “I think this thing doesn’t work.”
Stay on! That is the key to your Turnaround response in stewardship. Stay on!!!
Weary the things that want to weary you: Stay on.
Weary your mockers: Stay on
It is in staying on that your breakthrough comes.

“If your God is that good, why has He not given you children?” – Stay on, you will soon see your children.
“If your God is so great, why are you not married yet?” You are about to be married, that’s why the devil is angry. Stay on.
“If your God is so good, why have you not been able to pay your house rent?” – Stay on, you will soon be giving houses out. Amen. Just stay on.
You don’t have to be repeating all over again. It’s too much. Stay on.

By His grace, He helped me. I have stayed on 45 years. Your insult is a motivation for me. Your negative comments stir me up that the thing is taunting the devil, so let me keep going.
If you belong to a winning team, the losing team will keep insulting your members:
“Nonsense, is that how to play?”
“Look at his leg!”
But he has been scoring with that leg. Your leg that looks like a scoring leg has not scored any.
“See his leg, it is wobbly”: okay, your own that is straight, have you scored any goal?
Stay on.
The mockers won’t cease, so stay on.
The gainsayers won’t cease, stay on.
Negative opinions won’t end, stay on.
Your going up is in staying on.
Your breakthrough is in staying on.
Your Turnaround is in staying on.


Psalm 102:13-15
You don’t beg for favour, you serve your way into favour.

“Let my people go, that they may serve Me” and He gave them the land not by their own strength but by His favour. They served their way out of bondage into favour; out of misfortune into favour.

“Let My son go that he may serve Me. If you won’t let him go, I will kill your son because My son must go. He is out to serve Me, I must free him.” And as He sets him free, He brought him into favour.
Exodus 4:22-23; Exodus 3:21; Exodus 12:36; Psalm 44:3

Favour gave them their place in destiny. Fearful favour! He turned the wealth of Egypt into their hands, because they were out to serve Him. They remembered God at last.

They had struggled to free themselves, No. But when they were set to serve God, He just brought them out and decorated them.

-You are the next in line for decoration.


Now, if anything wants to shut down your life, just like that my son did: “I give you 2 hours. Nonsense. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. I need this strength to serve God.”

God said, “it is true. Blood, clear, now.”
Went to the toilet, not 2 hours, went to the toilet after: no blood.
1 week: no blood.
2 weeks: no blood
Nonsense. Stopped it.

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, thou shall condemn”: Your mouth is too closed – Isaiah 54:17
“No, not here!!
You have not because you asked not – James 4:2
“If you will say to this mountain, be thou removed”: so say to it.

When Jesus closed His mouth, He was taken from Prison to judgment. When He opened His mouth, “whom seek ye?”
They said, “Jesus.” They fell backward.

But He closed His mouth because He came for our redemption by laying down His life.

Your victory is in your mouth, don’t sit down with a closed mouth and let the devil ride on you.
“No, what nonsense!”

Did you see the strategy: “I put my telephone number on every flier and I call them, thanking them for accepting Christ today and for accepting my invitation to be in Church tomorrow.”
Simple, no struggle.

33 souls: three, three and I can tell you he must be praying for them.
“I just collect their number. Then send them SMS, talk to God about them and they appear in Church.”

One of them: 2 fibroids disappeared.
He must have told them, “Be at the Midweek Service, power is coming. God will meet with you.” So he got them there.
Don’t let any devil take you for a ride, you are smarter than that.

Open your mouth wide when challenged and I will fill it. When you do that, I will turn my hand against your adversaries and subdue your enemies under your feet – Psalm 81:10-14

Most of the time, we just talk to God, we leave situations to have their way. No.

There is a talking to God, there is a talking to your situations. So take responsibility. That is contained in ‘, Born To Win’, I said, “address your situation, God won’t address them for you. Every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, YOU shall condemn” – Isaiah 54:17

YOU, not Me: I am waiting on You. What do you want to happen to it? Then you have committed Me (God) to confirm it.

Thou shall serve the Lord thy God and He shall bless. Are you serving Him, then you tell Him, “Lord, you know that I am serving You. I am serving You in truth and indeed by the grace You gave me and I am ordained to be sickness free. Therefore, sickness, hear ye the Word of the Lord and get off my body. NOW!”
Exodus 23:25-26

“The number of your days, I will fulf il”: my number is not fulfilled yet.

So how dare you put deadly disease on my body? Get off and get lost in the name of Jesus.”
We have to take responsibility, we don’t beg in the Kingdom.

You make demand. You pray to God and make demand by issuing commands on your unwanted situations and that is the protocol.
You want to be free, that is the approach.
-No one shall be taken for a ride by the devil anymore.

Psalm 91:14-16
He calls upon Me, I am going to answer Him. We are in a deal.

It is your right.
“I am not satisfied, so I am not going now”: spirit of death, out of my body. That medical verdict is cancelled. And then it goes. Praise God.

Please know that we serve a God of time and season; He makes all things beautiful in His time.
Psalm 90:17
We must be sensitive to the timings of God, to enjoy the beauty of redemption.
You want the beauty in farming, be sensitive to planting season and harvest season or you have the planting season and you don’t know the harvest season, the birds of the air will help you eat up your harvest in the field.

Be sensitive to His timing to enjoy the beauty of redemption.

He will beautify the meek with salvation and that is as they keep pace with timing.
Interestingly, His prophets are His timekeepers on the earth.

You need to be sensitive to the timings of God as declared by the Prophets of God and then you enjoy the beauty thereof.
One of my sons, a 19-year-old, Matthew Ojo, is enjoying the beauty of God in US today.

19-year-old boy that could not buy form for Jamb, got committed to Cell Growth. The Cell grew from 3 to 41, in 3 months. With prayers, with push, with everything. And the Lord said to him afterwards, “Go to US Embassy.”
(Response): US Embassy! What will I tell them?
And they let him in.
“I just came to find out if there is any programme for people like us to study in America.”
No human connection, not that somebody gave note, or somebody that will give note to somebody. Live.
The beauty of God just came along with the timings of God.
When I issued that Word that Saturday morning, some must have reacted: “That if your Cell does not replicate in 3 months.

Consider that you have failed.”
Some must have gotten angry, he was engrossed and was sobbing with a dying Cell of 3 members, at a lost corner where he was living. He just bought into that time and saw the beauty of God came alive.

God’s prophets are God’s timekeepers.
We have 3-fold tasks for the year:
-Supernatural Church Growth;
-Cell Growth and Replication;
-Ingathering of souls into Church. Massive ingathering of souls into Church.
Every of this Agenda demands a run for delivery.
1 Corinthians 9:24 – so run.
Habakkuk 2:1-3 – write the vision, run with it, run with faith, you will catch up. Because in His timings lies our beautification.

We serve a God of time and seasons. You miss your planting season, you miss it. You miss your harvest season, you lose out.
Ecclesiastes 3:1
Don’t let nothing weary you, my people. Take grace from God to keep on and keep pace with His agenda.

I have not had one regret following Him this ‘hard’, you may call it. But I heard Him say to me in 1977, the harder you follow Me, the higher you fly.

You can’t emerge an Olympic medalist without hard work sir.

You can’t emerge a star in the Kingdom, because it is a race with hard work.

“Buy garri, buy sugar, soak garri, use groundnut to support it: Then suddenly Managing Director. Now employ Personnel Manager and all Administrators for this company. You are in charge of this company in 8 countries” (documented testimony).

What kind of job is that?

Say, “Favour.” Say with me, “Favour”, but it is hard work that leads to high favour.
Hard work: High favour.
You can’t experience this without engaging with the demands.

Let me show you what God has done. He flagged up Cell Growth and Replication as fishing nets for the Turnaround Church Growth Agenda for the year.

And He gave us such divine speed and now we are counting about 16,000 new Cells this year, as fishing nets. Imagine every Cell becoming a fishing net and bringing in one, one person from each Cell per week. My God.

Now to make that easy, He said, “I am giving them transportation.” He is giving us transportation.

There is no stress, there is no impact on any project going on. There is nothing, because He gave it.
Now, let me show you 5 reasons why He did that.

1. You know the Church is a family, the Household of God. How many know that?
When somebody is missing at work, you say, “maybe he is indisposed.” So there is no alarm, no company advertising that somebody is missing. Or maybe he has gotten a new job…
Somebody is missing in a club, for those who go to clubs: “Maybe he has joined another club.” There is no search for him.
But the smallest member of a family, when he is missing, you will find temperature in every house:
“Has he come?” No.

My God. Police station here, police station there. Army Barracks. In search of him. In search of the small member of the house, he is a family member.

He is not a club member, he is not a factory worker. So we have a job, to help, to bring back to the fold every challenged Winner that cannot help themselves across.

One reason for the free transportation.
Luke 10:30-34
There was this man that fell among robbers and was wounded. Then came a priest, he just passed by.

Came another Levite, he just walked away. Then came a good Samaritan, he went and dressed the wound… and carried him on his own Ass into the Inn.

That’s one reason we are after ensuring challenged Winners, wounded Winners don’t die in the battlefront.

2. Luke 14:21
Go to the streets: bring the blind, the maimed. They can’t carry themselves here, we have to.

“Go and bring”, not ask them to come. These ones can’t come anywhere, go and bring.

One of us gave a flier to someone at ‘Badore’ area and this was a 20 year old lady who didn’t know how she found her way in Lagos, from Plateau State and 4 months pregnant and hanging around in uncompleted houses: no luggage, no nothing.

So the person who gave the flier said, “call the number on this flier.” She called the Call Centre and the Call Centre when they found out the area, called the Zonal Minister to be looking after her in the shelter they provided for such individuals.
There are people that can’t bring themselves anywhere. No luggage, no nothing.

The blind, the halt, the maimed. They can only be brought and every soul has equal value in the sight of God.
Those on the highways: Why not?
they have their cars and then they come.

That is why we are there to bring them in.
So it is not a show of wealth, it is running with a mission to the afflicted, bringing the challenged Winners into the House of God: out of their challenges into His blessings; cause them to come, so they can be satisfied with the goodness of My House.
Psalm 65:4
Bring them in – Psalm 132:13-15
That is why we are in it.
Go and compel them by providing how they will get there: compel them to come. Come over. Jesus has provided transportation for everybody and that for free.
-The good news is, no one will be a loser in this race.
-You will not be a loser in this race.

You don’t have to look for money to bring them: bring them to the loading bays and they will find them and bring them into Church.

Are they challenged?
There are strategies here to address those challenges through our Cell System.

How many of you saw those 9 street chaps that Jesus touched and you find them standing on the altar of God: on the altar of God, j ust overnight transformation. You see the dress they put on, you see the family who took them on! My God!

We are in a race, please get committed to it, only committed runners ever become Prize winners.

Get committed to it. Get committed to Cell Growth, get committed to Cell Replication; don’t be casual about it. He is a rewarder of them that diligently, actively, ‘engagingly’ serve Him.

Hebrews 11:6
Too many testimonies: I mean you don’t have… It is not a make-believe thing. So many testimonies that you have heard, that you have read and that you are still hearing.
-They must hear your own!!

It is in doing these things that the full Turnaround prophetic package for you, for the year, will be released.
Knowing what God wants to do is Information.

Knowing what to do, to commit God to confirm His Word is Revelation.
Whatever He tells you to do, do it.
“You want wine”, I agree. Whatever He tells you to do, do it – John 2:5

You are born blind, I understand, whatever He tells you to do it, otherwise the situation will remain the same. The demand may look cruel but that is the way out.

Somebody is blind, you now say, “Go to the pool called Siloam.” Not only that, you even blinded him more.


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