How to Earn Dollars Exporting Yam to Europe and America

We are aware of the high number of Nigerians that travel to UK, America and other foreign countries and one fact that remains true is the fact that they miss their home food and when they have the chance to get it anywhere they don’t joke with it.

On that base, yam exports from Nigeria is capable of fetching you untold amount of dollars on regular basis.

The rate in which Nigerians in UK, America and other foreign countries hustle for their home foods is indeed something to be beheld and they are ever ready to pay dollars to have it brought to them.

We all know that yam business at home is already a big investment that the Northerners are making millions of naira from, but another eye opener is the huge amount of dollars that other clever Nigerians are legally making from exporting yams to Europe and America.

The exporters from home are seriously supplementing their export commodities with agricultural goods which yam happens to be one of the leading produce taken across the seas.

There’s no two ways about it, yam business is getting hotter than ever in the UK as 2kg of yam goes for 3.5pounds and you know what one pound is to naira at the present rate. The point here is that, any capital you start yam exports with is sure to run multiples with dollars exchanges for maximal profits.

The floor is open for big scale exports of yams to America and UK. The simple thing there is for one to prove how capable he is in terms of capital for a big start up, as yam exports are not for small players.

Some say that you can start this with N100,000 but that is not true because there are conditions to be met and to get proper certifications which would enable one to even have access to big contracts from abroad and to ensure that his yams meet the standards for being taken abroad for good amount of dollars in exchange.

At a point, there is an embargo on yam export to some countries in the Western world but it ended June 2016. The embargo was due to some so called ‘sharp’ business practices of some exporters in trying to cut corners by shipping unhealthy yams and other agricultural commodities out of the country.

Meanwhile, for those with less startup capital, we are not telling you to go into borrowing but you can still start with the little you have at least a reasonable amount of about N5million and have your goods packaged in cartons of 20kg each and have it forwarded to your customers abroad.

As time goes on, and if you maintain the needed trust from the other ends, you could even be given a contract to supply in a bigger quantity at a go and that is when you can go all the way to source out for funds in any way you could because your business has gained enough ground because of your sincerity in having nothing but quality yams shipped out to the Western world.

You are required to have good valid means of identification, Just like every other exportation business, like international (domiciliary account) bank account, e-mail address, and do your best even if you are dealing with an individual outside the country, do your best to register with NEPC, Nigeria Export Promotion Council.

This is good because an issue would definitely arise that may warrant your valid identifications for doing what you do. Get all your documents ready, for your venturing into yam exportation is not a backyard business.

N/B. Make enough findings and see what types of yams or the species are acceptable. Do your best to surmount the expectation of the stringent requirements involve in having agricultural products moved out of the country.

Enough emphasis has to be laid on this because any Nigerian made products going abroad are known to be always subjected into some strict surveillance tests which little things could disqualify, but when an exporter is known to exceed the expectations on regular basis, your good reputations stands to speak for you whenever goods bearing your initials arrives the port.

With all of this I guess you are ready for a flight into the exportation of yam. It is a good business and we want you to succeed in it and we are here always ready to give you the best of what you need to start up your business.

We are wishing you all the best as you start your business. God bless you.

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