Apostle Johnson suleman prayed for miracle money and many people are Critizing it and Condeming it. Some say there’s nothing like miracle money

But listen to this very carefully. Any money you didn’t labour or work for is called miracle Money, any money that was paid to you without you asking is called miracle money. If someone that’s oweing you for a very long time and has refuse to pay you, and suddenly he or she paid you is miracle Money

Stop attacking Apostle Johnson suleman. Miracle money is real I have received miracle money for the past 3weeks. I mean there’s no day for the past 3weeks, I don’t get money from people I didn’t ask

That’s miracle money

If Apostle Johnson suleman did a prayer for miracle money it means he’s praying for men to favour you financially, it means he’s praying for your Destiny helpers to favour you, it means he’s placing demand from heaven to answer you financially

What people don’t understand they Critize
What they understand they try to destory

Miracle Money is real
Miracle alert is real

If you’ve not encountered it, please pray for it instead of Condeming it. Apostle Johnson suleman is the only fearless, bold Prophet in Nigeria

So you Condeming his act doesn’t make fake, you Condeming his act didn’t make him poor, you Critizing his prayers doesn’t make him less famous

You’re only selling him the more

Apostle Johnson suleman is not your mate
What God told him, if you hear it, you might die

Don’t fight a man that’s dangerously backed by heaven if you don’t want to face the wrought of God. Selah!

Miracle Money is real! Shalom!

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Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu is my Spiritual father.

Jerry prosper
Evangelist Jerry prosper
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