How I caused katakata (pandemonium) at the Airport – Bishop David Oyedepo



-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

  • How I caused katakata (pandemonium) at the airport
  • I was on my way out of Nigeria when God told me not to go, after my luggage had been checked in at Kano airport.
  • I told them, ”carry my bag and go.”

Let’s bless the name of the Lord again for the privilege to be in His presence this glorious morning. Celebrate Him and magnify Him, there is no one like our God.

Thank You Jesus. You desire an encounter with His Word in this great Encounter with Destiny Service, please ask Him, “Jesus, I desire an encounter with you this Morning, a life changing, life transforming encounter.

Thank You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
We live in a most challenging time, a lot of steps are beclouded with regrets:
‘Had I known!!’ has been the experience of many.

“But if you let Me”, God is saying, “lead you, if you let Me be your Shepherd, you shall not want for any good thing. If you will seek my way to go” – Psalm 34:10
If you let Me shepherd your life, only goodness and mercy shall be following you all the days of your life (Psalm 23:1,6).

That is what makes divine guidance a lifetime access to the believer. Letting God have His way at all times keeps you on top of all situations and circumstances.
The purpose of this month’s teaching is to get every one of us on board with the blessedness of divine guidance in all our ways. His ways may look cruel, primitive, but that is the only way to peace.
Isaiah 59:8
-But you and your household, you will enjoy the peace of God that passes all understanding forever.
Allow Him to lead you, He knows the end from the beginning. You don’t know the end, allow the One that knows the end to lead you into the business to do, into things to embark upon. Allow Him to lead You and then you become a living wonder among men as if you are extra-ordinary.
No one’s salvation is superior to another, we have the same blood, the same inheritance in Christ. But while others allow God to lead them, some others don’t care. “I have my own mind, I can lead myself. I’ll go my way” and then they keep singing the song of regrets, writing songs of lamentations. But not you.
Prayers: Lord, whatever it takes to access your leading, grant it to me this month.

Go ahead and pray.

Whatever it takes to access your leading as an individual. If somebody tells me, I might not be able to comprehend it, I may think he doesn’t like me, I may think he doesn’t want me to go on but if You tell me, I will know. Lord, grant me access to your leading as an individual so I will not write songs of lamentation.

Thank You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Lord Jesus, by Your Word today, lighten the path of every one of us. By thy light, let us see light. Speak to us as individuals today. In Jesus precious name.
“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want!”
One of the most beautiful Psalm in scriptures (Psalm 23). It encompasses all that life will ever require.
“He leads me besides the still waters.”
We talk of enemies day and night – “He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies and my cup runs over” – Psalm 23:5
We live in a most dreaded world; people live in fear day and night.

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”, because He is the One leading Me, I shall fear no evil.
Psalm 23:4
“Because thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me” – ever refreshed.
“All His ways are ways of pleasantness and her paths are peace” – Proverbs 3:17
-That is the path God is bringing you and your household into this month.

The path that this Church has walked in the last 40 years, without one regret, following His leading has brought us as a Church into this realm of pleasantness and pressure-free life.
Job 34:29
So the way God deals with communities, Churches is the same way He deals with individuals. If you follow His leading as this Church has followed His leading over the years, you will enjoy the kind of grace that we enjoy here. I am telling you the truth, this is one of the most pressure free organizations on the earth. You know.
You have never been under tension here, there is no rise in temperature, except you raise it yourself. There is nothing “you must bring, you must go, you must…”
Why are we doing free transportation? “Them also I must bring” – John 10:16
That is what He said, “the Builder of the Church.” So He has what it takes to bring them. You will never know what the amount is forever. It is not necessary.
Simple thing. Allow Him to lead you.
You’ll find peace, you’ll find stillness, quietness, you’ll live fearlessly.
Allow Him to lead you, you don’t have capacity to lead yourself. I don’t have. No matter how matured a sheep is, it can’t go from point A to point B on its own without a Shepherd.
You have been rearing your sheep around ‘Sango’ area and you say okay, “meet me in Canaanland.”
Canaanland: Anywhere he faces is Canaanland. Anywhere the sheep faces is Canaanland. He doesn’t know Geography, he doesn’t know compass, he doesn’t know GPS, he doesn’t know nothing. That is how blank we are when it comes to the journey of life.
Allow Him who knows the way to lead you.
Sir, I wasn’t preparing for Ministry, I love Jesus so much, I was preparing to be a promoter of the Kingdom.
“I want to be a Pastor…” – even when He called me I didn’t know I will pastor a Church.
“The hour has come to liberate the world” – so let’s go to the world. Jesus loves you. Get saved, get baptized in the Holy Ghost and go your way.
Allow Him to lead you. You will find peace, you will find joy, you will find unstoppable breakthrough, your enemies are rendered helpless. Allow Him to lead you.
Why? You don’t have the capacity to lead yourself.
Proverbs 16:25
The way is so balanced, there is nothing to…but the end thereof is death.
I was on my way out of the country in Kano, they had checked my luggage in and the Lord said, “No”
“Excuse me, I am not going.”
They said your bag is… I said, “you can carry the bag. I am not going Sir.”
I caused ‘katakata’ (pandemonium) in the airport.
“Carry my bag and go.”
I was on my way to my father’s house to say hello to him after I arrived from Lagos and the Lord said on the way, “Stop!” I slammed the brake. My son, Ajibade was with me, he said, “What happened Sir?”
I said: God just told me to stop. I turned back. What if you can hear that by yourself?
The following day, we had 3 successive accidents. What if I didn’t stop?
You say: What is happening?
I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Stop means Stop.
Many of us are too smart for God to lead.
“How can I stop? Is it not natural to go and see (my father)?”
Must you see him now? Can you tell what anybody has laid somewhere? You can’t tell.
That is why my prayers is that God will open your own ears so you can hear the voice of the Shepherd. Open your own eyes, so you can see
what He is showing you.
Just allow Him to lead you.

We got to where Canaanland’s gate is today, January 1997 and I had been fuming on the way, this can never be the Place. Never, never. It is against all common sense, against all intellectual sense, against all discoveries and findings; this can’t be a place for Church, my friend. And we got down here, “Father, thank You.”
He said: THIS IS THE PLACE. With your big head.

Allow Him to lead you. Your Geography and History is too much. Your Science is too high. Allow this God to lead you.
And now, a city came out of that forest. Allow Him to lead you. He knows the end from the beginning. Allow Him to lead you.

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